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that's right.. I'm in a funk n cant seem to shake it...... I know a lot of what is contributin to it ... stress at work... always goin... stress at home..not sleepin well......n not just wantin but needin that spankin relationship that is so much a part of me.....

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Today is our son E's 17th birthday, I can' believe how fast time goes and to be honest I hate it. If I could rewind our life, I would to do it all again. Though I wouldn't want to be a week overdue and have a 36 hour labour finishing with an emergency C-section.
The only change I'd do is begin our DD lifestyle back then, instead of only 2 years ago.
So G booked today and tomorrow off, to take him out in his car, now he can legally drive on the road as a learner. He's in college all day, then out for dinner and family are visiting later on in this evening.

Then G said "Let's do your morning spanking, in fact, let's go upstairs and use some different toys."
I knew what that could mean, Giant Devil, nasty CPS, the loopy, all the nasty toys were upstairs.
He told me to go upstairs and get naked.

Once naked, Master ordered me to hold the bed rail at the end of the bed, then he took toys out of the drawer, the CPS, loopy, and floggers. He took out our new Police type cuffs and cuffed my wrists behind one rail. These were very uncomfortable, and I couldn't hold onto the rail like I like too. But Master was very pleased they were tight and uncomfortable. He then said, "Up you get, bottom out please." and the second I got up he walloped me, full force with the CPS. I screeched, the shock, the pain, the force brought tears to my eyes instantly and I sat down away from Master.
"OMG, after 1 whack." He went into another drawer and grabbed my pink bit gag, he fastened it very tightly around my head. Then ordered me back up again. He grabbed the loopy and hit my sides, legs, hip until I got up.

Master concentrated on thrashing my butt with the loopy, then changed it to the CPS, 3-4 times. Again I screamed out and sat down away from him. He repeated his thrashing with the flogger now, my back, feet, tummy and breasts until I got back up. IN fact every time I sat down, he flogged me, my nipples hurt a lot and I tried my best to cover up. When he chose the CPS to repeatedly thrash me, I screamed and sat down once more. Begging for a break. But Master doesn't like giving me breaks, though I am going to ask about it. He took out my new hood, never used it before, and he pulled it over my head and ordered me up once more.

Using the bigger flogger he lashed my bottom black and blue, 10-20 times. I could cope with that, It felt like the leather strap. Until he changed back to the CPS.
Master repeatedly said he would continue until I said the word, You know what the word is, so until you say it, I will continue, so get up NOW.

This time he continued with the CPS, concentrating on my right cheek, over and over. 6-7 times and I screeched RED with the gag in my mouth. I felt terribly sore as Master increased the force for each implement. The little leather pink flogger stung my nipples and whipped over my body. The longer suede flogger was much nicer though hit harder. The CPS, well I don't need to describe how awful that is, I wish I never bought it. The same for the loopy as it bites into your skin.
Master stopped immediately, dropping the toys, he took of my hood then gag as i stayed shaking in pain and sobbing uncontrollably, even when the cuffs came off, I stayed in the same position.
Master opened his arms to me and slowly I got up and fell into his arms, sobbing my heart out. I don't think I've ever cried so much after a spanking. G said some soothing words, stroked my hair and shushed me. he gently touched each cheek and felt the burning heat reach his palms. We stayed clung together for a few more minutes, but my sobbing never calmed down. Master told me to lie down whilst he did the after care. Gently rubbing cream into my bottom and thighs.

"Now would you like anything else ? I mean you've had a lovely spanking to celebrate E's Birthday, would you like an orgasm ?" he asked. I sobbed a "Yes Please Master."
He slid his fingers into my soaking pussy, even though it felt an incredibly hard spanking, more like a punishment, yet wasn't, my body didn't lie, and just feeling ho wet I was showed that I did really enjoy it.
"Would you like fingers or a dildo ?" He asked. "Fingers please," I said, still crying into the bed.
Slowly as his fingers performed their magic, the tears stopped and that time in between sobbing and beginning to get aroused started. Eventually arousal took over and his fingers gave a thundering orgasm, lasting for ages as his fingers pumped and pumped. having another orgasm yet again. I lay spent on the bed then felt his hand turn around, I knew he was getting to my g-spot, and led me towards a high yet again, his fingers flicking inside, feeling my cum starting to flow so he flicked and pumped and told me to just let go, so I did. And the flow of my cum seemed to never end, soaking the end of the bed but we didn't care. Finally another shockingly hard orgasm left me exhausted.
"Would you like some anal ?" He asked, knowing of course I would say yes.
As his fingers were soggy they easily slipped up my bum, the feeling so much more intense than normal, then I felt a dildo sliding up my pussy, and he turned the vibrator on.
"AAAHHHHHHHHHHH OMG OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I mumbled. I was shattered but my body still wanted more as he played in my bum, played with pushing the dildo as far as I could take it, then slid it out a touch. This was more just enjoying the sensation, the feel of his touch, the feel of both holes being filled completely. Yet I still managed yet another orgasm. I never thought it was possible for so many orgasms to be had in one session.
I lay on the bed, exhausted and finally I stopped sobbing.
When he asked if I'd like anything else, though he thought I was too exhausted, I asked to be fucked up my arse.
It was only fair Master gets to cum too.
But he said I was a bit slimy and bloody to do that now, maybe later.

We both lay on the bed for a while, as usual we talked about our play, did I like the gag on much tighter ? Yes, did I like the hood ? Mmmm a bit, would try it again. Master said it was easier being a mean sadist when he couldn't see my face, did I enjoy it ? Yes but was very severe, He said yes but you know that's how you like it and it's supposed to hurt. Did you enjoy your orgasms ? I smirked and said Oh yes. I asked if Master had enjoyed it too ?, he said oh definitely, nothing better than to thrash your arse til its black and blue and I must say, you have some pretty impressive markings today. Have you looked ? I said No, I was waiting for some photos to be taken.
Master then took a load of pics and I was impressed with the markings left, though I did find it a very hard spanking, it was fun.

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Dreams of Spanking
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Dylan was reunited with all the other young men who had made it through the hazing. Even though they had not had the chance to speak, he felt a bound to them. They had all experienced the hard test of character and strength, and had come through the other side. Two Thursday of the boys that started that day, were not here today, to celebrate their success. They'd left in shame, unable to make the grade. Dylan couldn't imagine letting his father down. He thought those boys who bowed out, would regret it, deeply.
The mood of the room was jubilant. Fathers and sons were here, sharing the same tradition, once shared by their grandfathers, and great grandfathers.
Dylan was really happy. He felt his life was in the verge of great change. He wanted to go to college but at the same time, he wanted to go to work for his Dad. He wanted to start at the bottom and learn the business, and get to know the people who worked so hard for them.
Dylan saw Austin. He was a smaller boy who stood beside him, throughout the initiation. They shook hands, laughing.
"Good to see you, Did you think we'd be here today?" Dylan asked.
"It was do or die, pal. No way we could fail... It wasn't an option!", said Austin.
"Oh, here's my Dad. Dad this is my Dylan.
Dylan, my Father."
"So good to meet you, young man, I'm Lord Chandler, or just plain Harry. My boy said, you got him through it. Many thanks!"
"He got ME through it", chuckled Dylan, "I couldn't let him show me up!"
James joined the little group."HARRY! Boy, it's been a while. Who's this?"
"Austin, meet my old and dear friend, James King. Is Dylan your son, James?"
"He sure is! And Austin is yours!"
"Thanks right."
"You boys will appreciate this, but me and James made it through the initiation, together, too. We've been friends ever since. I have a feeling, you two, will be the same."
"Better grab a seat Harry. We're running a little late. I gotta get the show, on the road.". James went to the podium.

"I want to welcome the fine young men before me to the Order of The Dragons. Later tonight, we'll perform the rights but right now, I just want to tell you, you're going to be accepted. You boys have been through the mill. We all remember how it was. Don't we, Dad's?!"
Laughter, and voices came from the Fathers. "That's right. It was harder then!"
More laughter.... Nope, it was just as hard!"
"We're proud of you boys!" A few waitress passed out Champaign. David lifted his glass. "To our Sons, to their future, and to the Brotherhood of the Dragons!"
"Here, Here!" Everyone drank and started to talk.
"I just wanted to give your boys a little treat. We have some young ladies outside who are in need of a good spanking!"
The boys cheered!!! "YES!!!, bring in the girls!"
"OKAY, LISTEN... YOUR DAD'S WILL SHOW YOU TO A ROOM, BRING A GIRL WITH YOU. There's plenty of equipment to try... now have fun, but don't get to rough. You'll have plenty of time to play again later. "
A line of pretty girls entered. James grabbed Dylan, "Pick a girl, if you want, but I've already got one waiting for you in the suite...A girl who had never been spanked before!"
"No, Dad, let's go. That's the one I want!"
James and Dylan, left the group and headed for the suite. Janie had recovered, just in time, and was with her Aunt, getting ready for the picnic. Her ass was hot and red, but her heart was light. She would be with Evan any time now.
It was Dylan's time now. He has a beautiful girl waiting for him.... Innocent as the driven snow. Soon, he'd taste the fruit of his trial. They went into the suite.
There sat Raven's daughter, Tempest. She'd been raised in the mansion, and knew all about punishment and sexuality, but she'd never been touched. James's and Raven both felt, like they might be a match. The dark haired beauty had large beautiful, topaz colored eyes. She was built, very much like her beautiful mother, but was slightly smaller in scale. Her lips were full and naturally red. She was dressed all in white, with a crown of flowers written into her long, dark, wavey hair.
Dylan's jaw dropped. He'd never seen anyone like her before. He felt no shyness, he felt like he'd known her before, maybe in another lifetime.
She rose and went right to Dylan. She stood on her tippy toes, and kissed his cheek."I've been waiting all my life, to meet you. "I'm Tempest."
"You're perfect! I'm Dylan" He felt his back straighten, his cheat swell, like he was becoming a man, just at the sight of her! "I'm going to punish you, Tempest! I'm going to bare your ass and turn it hot and red. Your deserve it, you've been a naughty, naughty girl. You've needed this spanking, for a long time.... Isn't that so?!" Dylan had his hand on her cheek, and spoke softly, as he looked into her eyes."
"Uh...Yes, Sir, I've been naughty. I've been waiting to be punished."
I'll just leave you alone, said James. Raven popped her head in the door. "Everything okay?"
"Yes, Mother, it's wonderful. Don't worry, I'm in good hands."
"I know, dear. I know." Raven and James went to meet the with the girls, who had not found their match. It was time for Raven to work her magic once again, matching the girls to their perfect Prince. Some of them would have to wait, but many would find happiness, here, today.

Dylan and Tempest were alone, still standing very close. Dylan raised her chin and kissed her, slowly tasting her full, soft lips....Slowly gliding his tongue, between his lips and over hers, into her sweet, hot mouth. Finding her tongue, he danced with it, pulling her close, so hungry for her. His cock was already fully and stiff. His hands grabbed her bottom, and pulled her hard against him. He made sure she'd feel his hardness against her pubis. His mouth moved to her neck, drinking in her scent. Intoxicated by their chemistry, he wanted to ravage her. He knew he could not, but she'd spank her and spank her hard. He remembered the day he'd watched Janie on Evan's lap. He'd watched that spanking, from the porch. No more looking in, from the outside. This bottom was his!

Dylan took her hands and led her to the desk. He took a big sturdy, chair and pulled it out. She stood between his knees. "I want your already, you naughty girl. Look what you've done to me! You'll have to be spanked, won't you?'
"Yes, Sir, please!", she said breathlessly. She had been waiting. All those years of seeing, but not touching. She was so ready! She felt her panties, getting soaked.
"Over my knee, young lady. I'm going to teach you a lesson. One you won't soon forget."
Tempest laid herself over his knees, her shapely bottom, filling the skirt of her dress. Dylan let his hand stroke her, over the white fabric, feeling the shape and crease, of her beautiful behind. Mmmm... It was so lovely!
Tempest braced herself, her hands on the floor. The chair was so tall, her feet did not touch the floor. She felt Dylan's left hand planted in the small of her back.
"Do not try to cover yourself, Tempest, you'll make me cross. We'll start over your dress, and work down to your bare fanny. I don't really want to hurt you very much, but ...I have been waiting, all my life, for you as well. I am dying to punish you. So, it is going to hurt."
"It's okay, Dylan. I want it... Want it so bad, I'm half crazy!"
"Here it comes!" Dylan raised his hand and brought it down on the white covered bum. Tempest jumped on his lap, as his hand hit her ass! "Oh, yes, that's a girl! I'm going to have you crying and begging, before I'm done!"
Dylan was done talking! He quickly raised his hand and slapped her bottom again. He felt her struggle to move. It only made him more excited. He held her down and began spanking her, steadily. It was wonderful. The little sighs and squeals, that came out of her mouth, he loved them!
He stopped and raised her skirts. Her pretty lace panties, didn't cover much of her voluptuous bottom, which was already warming and pink. His palm grabbed and squeezed each cheek. It felt like it was meant to be! Shivers went through him, and he began again, with enthusiasm, to heat her seat, so she was too sore to sit. He got her, full palm open on the right cheek, and watched as his handprint appeared in white, and turned to pink and then red. It was so beautiful! Tempest moaned. He stroked her cheeks, pulling his fingers down the red flesh, loving to see the white in their wake. He could not wait. He put a single finger inside the elastic of her panties, coaxing them down, a little at a time. He spanked and teased her, he spread her legs, and felt her wet panties. They were so drenched! He brought his fingers up to his face and breathed her perfume in. His erection got even bigger. He smacked her white legs, and listened to her cry. He teased and teased her, with feather light touches, until she begged him, to spank her again! He pulled her panties down to her knees and rubbed her. He decided, they had to go, and pulled them free, Her white lace anklets and kitten heels, were adorable. They we're all she wore, from the waist down.

The teasing was over. He wanted to turn her bottom to scarlet. He moved her so she straddled his knee. Her knee was against his groin. He wrapped his left arm around her waist. Get ready, he thought, the warm up is over!!

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Hi Everyone,

You may recall the dilemma at the start of the year concerning weight loss and a suitable punishment should I fail. Well, 3 months have passed and it would be nice to say that the 7lbs I lost in January was just the start of my continued success.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way and I have since put the weight back on. I am no lighter now than I was on 1st January.

Ms E came up with a very simple response and my failure has been reported to a certain professional disciplinarian who has replied thus:-

I quite understand what is required. Failure such as yours really does
deserve the sternest of punishment.

Report to me at 10:50am, your punishment will commence at 11am sharp!
You will be restrained, naked on my bench and will receive one severe
stroke of the tohiti cane for every pound you failed to lose.

You will be prepared for your punishment by being clean shaven,
freshly washed and make sure you have had a decent breakfast by 8am.

Looks like I might be about to learn a rather painful lesson on Saturday.

I am already familiar with the cane in is the one Ms. E uses on me very occasionally due to its weight.

As you might imagine I'm really rather nervous already.



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FYI - information re stolen image.

Otkhairbrush on Tumblr (also on this site) stole a pic of the Kid from his profile and posted it on his tumblr without our permission - I have asked him to take it down there and he has not responded. This is not a pull from the web pic, he screencapped the image.


Dreams of Spanking
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as SIR stands over me iam thinking to myself . i sure iam in trouble for going into his closet.. as i kneel before him. he stands in front of me with h is belt in his hand , what have u done cassy ? ( went in your closet SIR with out permission) GET ON THE BED NOW ... as i walk over to the bed with my hands on my ass ... laying on my stomach.. face in pillow. HE says ( move your hands now only going to tell you once) i slowly move my hands away.. i feel the first stink of him belt across my ass . making me raise my ass up along with my feet (put your feet down) yes SIR i say to him but it hurts SIR... it will be worse do it now ... moving my feet dwon.. swack swack swack swack oh SIR please i wont do it again please.... GO stand in corner with your hands on your head DON'T MOVE... NOW. stands in the corner wanting so bad to rub my ass but dont ....

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I wasnt surprised when the phone rang,I knew straight away who it was. I had sent her a parcel and a letter telling to ring when she got it.
"Hi its me, i just got your parcel" she said with a tone of confusion in her voice.
"Ah good"
"May i open it?"
"You may"
I heard the sound of a box being opened and a tiny gasp, there was silence for a while then finally "Its a slipper"
Two days before i sent her my whacking slipper which had been used on many a naughty bottom. A worn black carpet slipper, one of my favourite implements, and today Sue was going to feel it across her bottom.
"I erm erm, oh shit,shit i thought you were kidding me" she stammered.
"Well Sue i wasnt kidding and there will be harder smacks for swearing, you are to ladylike for that"
"Oh dear im really in for it, so todays the day i guess"
"Will be round in an half hour" i replied and hung up.
Half hour later i was knocking on her door, she answered with her usual smile but this time there was a somewhat naughty glint in her eye. It seemed to say she wanted this to happen to her. Her clothes left a lot to be desired, dressed in a green baggy jumper which concealed the shape of her breasts and grey jogging bottoms. I wasnt impressed at all, she watched me with those lovely come to bed eyes and led me to the room where she talks to her clients, the same room i was in and had her over my lap. This time though she had moved a dining room chair to the centre and pulled the blind half way down, the slipper was in pride of place on the small coffee table. Last time Mr Higson across the road had caught sight of her crimson backside when i left her to show it off for all to see, maybe the blind was only pulled down half way so he could see again.
"If you think im going to spank you while you are dressed like that you have another thing coming,go and change straight away" i commanded, her eyes dropped to the floor, biting her bottom lip she turned to leave, Quickly i grabbed her arm and with my right hand smacked her lovely round rump four times just to get her motivated. She left the room nearly sprinting clutching her chastised rump.
After a short while she returned, this time clad in a black strapless dress and looking far more presentable. Her hair freshly brushed and a fresh coating of lipstick.
I nodded my approval and i took my place on the dining room chair, i patted my lap and with a faux sigh she slid across my lap. It was time to get serious, my hand tapped gently and followed with a hard smack on the right cheek. A slight gasp and a little wriggle but that was it. My hand came down again and again as i alternate cheeks. Her right hand grabbed my ankle to steady herself and she was getting more vocal. I paused just long enough to raise her dress way clear of her bottom to show that she had sheer white knickers on, the redness obvious through the material.My wandering hand stroked lovingly over her tight knickers and i got the desired affect as she parted her legs, as if inviting me to stroke her there. My hand gently stroked in between and her body pushed back against my hand.
"Not yet Sue" i said softly
"Please i want it" she breathed deeply
With that i spanked harder making her legs scissor and her bottom clench "Sir, when i punish you you call me Sir, understood?" I said with every smack.
"Oh yes ahhh sorry ooh erm Sir",
I wrenched down her knickers and chastised her hard showing no mercy as she howled and cried out.I glanced over to the window and sure enough old Mr Higson was by his window enjoying the view, the old bugger even had binoculars.He was desperate to get a better view through those half drawn blinds.I stopped and helped her up, she stood and during her spanking her dress had slid down to reveal her hard dark red nipples. I stood and without hesitation positioned her hands on the chair and got her to stick her bottom right out and arch her back. I picked up the slipper and tapped her bottom several times
"You will receive twelve hard smacks, i was only going to give you eight, but dressing like a slob and for swearing i have added another four" i said as i drew the whacker high. The first smack made her jump and yell, a fine imprint left on the centre. I let out a barrage of seven good ones making her open those long legs to show off her once hidden sex. Two more had her gyrating her hips as if daring me to spank her harder. The last two i aimed for the top of her legs making her screech and leap up. Her dress had slid right down and her breasts bounced as she leapt and clutched her burning cheeks.
sliding behind her i slipped her dress off her body and she stood naked as the day she was born. I moved my lips to the nape of her neck and kissed, my free hands ran down her breasts and gently tweaked those erect nipples, lower and lower my hands went down her body to where she craved to be touched. My fingers played and entered her very wet pussy.She pushed against me knowing i was fully erect and rubbed her backside against my bulge. My fingers worked overtime on her and she came loudly enough for Mr Higson to nearly faint.
She buckled to the floor onto her knees with a dreamy look. With no orders she unzipped me and my hardness was free. With her right hand she gripped the base and her lips gently kissed the tip, she soon enveloped her mouth around my manhood and sucked and licked for all she was worth. My hand on her head it didnt take long before i felt the all to familiar spasm and filled her mouth.
After this sweet distraction i opened up the blind and placed her hands on head showing off her naughty punished backside. Without a word i left and drove home. Later on the phone rang
"Hello Sir"
"Ah Sue how is my naughty girl?"
"Sore but satisfied..for the time being anyway"
"You need more?"
"Im free next sunday, Mr Higson saw the whole lot i just know it. When you raised the blind i stood there for ages for his inspection, i liked showing him".
"Well Sue i will return on sunday and we will not lower the blind, in the meantime you have my permission to touch yourself"
"Too late Sir"
With that she hung up, tut touching without my say so, her bottom will meet a something new for that.

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Ooh a lot of birthday wishes. My birthday was ok, even though i had to work it. Just a quick post to say a big thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday it meant a lot to me. I will get off my arse and get this new story going in a while. Have a great week all of you...Grambles.

Dreams of Spanking
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I'm here in the corner, my bottom's aflame,
Spanked on my heinie, by Daddy's thin cane.
My hands on my head, I sneak a quick rub,
The trouble began,as I laid in the tub .
Straight from the bath, he bent me right over,
I tried not to cry, but I lost my composure.
He paddled me hard, with that long handled brush,
My skin was still hot, he whacked my wet tush.
He spanked up and down, just as hard as he could,
He scolded and warned me, I'd better be good!
I said, I was sorry, I'd follow the rules,
He showed me a note, sent home my school.
I knew I was sunk, I'd blown off my class,
The principal gave me, a taste of his strap.
Daddy's so cross, and my ass is still bare,
Marched to my bedroom, he brought out a chair.
"Your hands on the seat, and jut out your bottom!"
He grabbed for the cane, I got scared, so I fought 'em.
He took me in hand, and he whooped, as I stood,
I couldn't escape, the sharp crack of that wood.
I'm stood in the bare, with a ladder in red,
I'll sleep on my tummy, when I'm sent to bed.

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Nearly 3 decades in the spanking scene has taught me a thing or two... though I'm not sure they've taught me three.

Early on, it was much easier to stay in the shadows, just by virtue of the difficulty making connections at all! Pre-internet explosion found me perusing classifieds or walking the adult "bookstore" aisles, looking for those VHS tapes with spanking models in pigtails looking naughty and lustily at the camera... Funny side story? Being 4'10", I have often been mistaken for much younger than I am. Guess how many times I was lectured about being in an adult store? Oh, do I have stories.

(I was once yelled at by a dealer at a fair for picking up an antique sword, thinking of buying it. "Hey, put that down! That is not a toy!!" I was 27 at the time. The man told me afterwards he'd thought I was 12. No, you can't make this stuff up, people.)

Back to business. With the world wide web, sites that carried any mention of adult spanking -- or were actually dedicated to it! -- were few and far between, complicated or borderline deserted. I remember my first board, my first chatroom, my first IRC. Electronic tumbleweeds or social playgrounds for the group within the group within the group... socially similar to today, I suppose. We just have far more options now.

But back during the many years I was most active, before I sank into the shadows of isolation completely, I did my utmost to experience as much as I could 'out there'.

Fast forward to last year. I started getting active again for the first time in *cough, cough*... years. Looking mostly for a Disciplinarian spanker near me. Of all the wonderful spankers I've met with so far, I found only one single true Disciplinarian soul, whom I promptly ran away from.... but that's a different story...

I have found that many, many things are the same in the spanking scene since I was last active. Things in spanking that have stood the test of time.

I've found others that are new'ish to me. And one of these is the now-prominent idea of "aftercare".

It's not that this was never done in decades past, but it really wasn't a... thing. Now, I've been surprised how it can even come up in negotiations! I had one Top ask me last summer, after a handful of sessions, why I never stayed for aftercare. I looked at him in surprise and asked, why would I do that?

Before you look at me horrified and ostracize me for this, please remember, I am an extreme introvert. Let me repeat: extreme. An isolationist. I'm shocked I've even left my building to meet people this past year at all.

"Talk"? Why?

"Get to know each other"? Well, feel free to share, I like getting to know other people, sure. But don't try to get to know me, please... Or I'll have to exercise my avoidance techniques on you, whether you realize it or not.

"Connect together"? Shoot me now. In the head. With an AR-17.

And "aftercare"... well. Hunh. Here I am: I just don't know.

The idea of keeping me there, when I am feeling so *gasp* vulnerable and exposed from a good spanking... keeping me there and *GASP* touching my back, hugging me, holding me, massaging my shoulders.... saying nice or determined things and just "being there" with me?

Other than my knee-jerk reaction of horror and shying away from such things, I'm honestly and truly not sure how it would affect or influence me, deeper inside. Perhaps it would be the best thing, regardless how challenging it might be for me. For good or bad.

It's amazing how something that sounds so lovely can sound so terrifying at the same exact time.

But. That's me.

What about you? Tops, bottoms, Doms, Disciplinarians, spankees, mentees, switches, and subs..... what about you? Do you like aftercare? What does it mean to you? How does it affect you?

Teach this old-timer a few new tricks, will you?

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I have uploaded two new videos...Times Table and Stealing.

Times Table is a recreation of what happened in school when tested on the Times Tables if response was slow Whack! and If wrong Whack! at the end 6 for not learning your tables!!

Stealing was something that happened why I was at school we came in at lunch time and stole a number of teachers tawses we were seen and reported and were caught with stolen items the rest is the video...


Dreams of Spanking
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Erin had been brought to the Council Room early, by Mr. Stern. As they were an older match, many of the rituals did not apply... Tests of purity, introductions of parental blessings, etc. we're not on the table. She expected to be done and out of there, fairly quickly. But things hadn't gone that way. They haven't even started with her yet, except to get familiar with her bum, as the council got perused all the young pretty fannies.
She'd heard, but not seen, the fuss with Janie. The poor little lamb, had the tar beat out of her, and those exams! Bloody hell! Little Janie, was not accustomed to the severe treatment, she'd been given there, today.
She was grateful, that Raven had better prepared her. She had learned to find pleasure in the process, and enjoyed a good spanking. But even she had limits. The paddling, Greg had given her the other night was very painful. Her backside still attested to it's brutality. She hoped that was as far, as it would go, but part of her, was a tiny bit afraid of making him angry. She had never done the slightest thing, to displease him. She wondered if she should, try his patience, before they were married. How else could she be sure, of how he might react? She imagined him sitting at the Council table. Was his blood boiling, when the other men had their hands on her? She sensed he was very territorial, when it came to her.
She was growing tired, being across the bench, with her bare bottom raised in the air. The young Miss, next to get was named Lydia. She'd just been through the examinations and was now being whipped by her future, father in law. She was crying, as the flogger snapped at her lilly white loins, fanny and legs. She'd heard the men remark that her bottom was without blemish. She felt like the girl had been ill prepared, for today session. She was in nearly in hysterics. Erin wished she could take the whipping, for her. She had three little sisters, at home. She often took the blame, to spare them, her father's belt, as they were growing up. There was nothing she could do for Lydia, but to whisper, that it would be over soon and reassure her that she'd her match, with handsome Jack Sweeney.
Jack, Senior doubted her readiness, to become a wife. A perfectly white bottom at the bench? Really, her father should have warmed her up! He intended to make up for it! Finally, he was done. Erin tried to soothe her, but there was more ahead, for lovely Lydia.
Jack, Junior, chose a thin crop, as his implement of choice. Erin cringed at the thought. It could really cut into you. It certainly was going to leave her very well marked. Lydia was not calming down, and was, if anything ,becoming more hysterical, knowing that her beloved Jack was going to tear into her behind.
Erin heard the whistle and the sound of it breaking on her flesh. The keening scream, from Lydia, filled the room. Jack never missed a beat. In a flash he'd delivered 20 strokes, as his bride to be screamed.
Greg stopped young Jack.
He was the lead Council man, for this candidate. He came round the table and spoke to the girl. "Lydia, can you continue, or do you wish to withdraw from the match?"
There was some kindness in him! Erin expected her to bow out, immediately, but Lydia took a few deep breaths and said, "I've come too far to stop now. I will not withdraw."
Erin smiled, Lydia was made a stronger stuff, she was just a screamer. She'd be okay. The caning was fierce, but the match was made. Now it was Erin's turn.

Gregory asked to be matched to her. Raven must have come in, because she gave her blessing, to the match. No exams were requested. Raven would act in place of Stern's Father, who was too old a man, to be whipping her bottom. Erin also thought it was easier on Stern, not to have another man touching her.
Raven, seeing the deep bruising on Erin's bottom, and knowing Greg's propensity for severity, had mercy on her little Erin. She chose a bamboo paddle that would sting her like crazy, but would only cause superficial harm. She did, however, have a flair for the dramatic. She exaggerated the intensity of the hits and Erin responded, in kind. It was a frequent technique to use theatrics, as part of the entertainment, at Raven's Etat de douleur (Estate of Pain). Erin's bottom grew very red and it did sting terribly, but the performance, made it seem far worse.
Raven whispered, "Good Luck", and was off.
Stern chose a tawse. It was a two tongued strap, that originated in Scotland. It was a pretty serious implement. Erin braced herself. There would be nothing entertaining, about this strapping. She knew Stern would want to demonstrate to the Council, just how much she could take. That hint of fear came bubbling to the surface, once again.
Stern was very proud of his red haired beauty. She was a strong and well trained woman. He was about to show the men, what they were missing. He wished now, he had waited to try out his paddle, but he had no doubt, that she'd persevere. He really didn't consider, how hard it would be on her. He was more interested in impressing the panel. He could always tend to her needs, later.

He spread his feet out and got the feel of the strap, just touching it to her bottom, to judge the proper distance, for his swing. He found and corrected his position, slightly and drew the strap, all the way back. He swung it fiercely onto her ass cheeks, and it licked them, with a loud whacking sound. It ripped across her backside and rose up, again, for the next swing. She could scarcely get in a breath and the next one struck her legs.
She started to protest, it was much too hard, but the next came quick, and the next, and the next. He swung it so fast, that it was a blur, slowing only slightly, as the two tongued devil bit into her hip, and dragged across her skin, leaving a path of destruction, in it's wake. Twenty, now thirty brutal whacks, and Erin went limp, with the pain.
The lead man of the Council , for her candidacy, said, "That will be enough, Mr. Stern, perhaps you do not know, your own strength!"
Stern was shocked they'd stopped him. He was just getting into his zone. He looked at Erin's fanny, and saw blood. Not a great deal, but he'd torn her skin. He was stunned. He hadn't realized how vicious, he had been. His face reddened and then his heart, hurt for her. He could be cruel, but he did love her.
"Yes, Sir., it appears I did not! Can we ask Dr. Nathan to be ready to attend her, after we finish up?"
"Certainly, Greg."
"All in favor of the match, say, "Aye".
The match was accepted. Stern motioned to have her bench lowered. He got her down and carried her, crying, to the physician's ​ area.
Dr. Nathan scolded him, "You've drawn blood, Stern! What's the matter with you!?! "
"I didn't realize.", Stern told him, seeming very concerned. Erin hadn't said a word, but her steady stream of tears, spoke volumes.
"Erin, I'm sorry darling. It was too much, I see that now. Can you forgive me ?"
"I don't know.... Greg, sometimes you scare me."
"Scare you?! What can you mean?? I adore you!"
"You can love someone to death, Greg...
Literally. The other night, with that awful paddle and now this. It's too much. You must know that!"
"Well you never said, I thought you enjoyed it. I'm sorry, Baby, I'm very sorry. You don't deserve it. You've been the perfect girl! I promise! I'll be more careful. I can be a hard man, after living alone all this time. You mine as well know it, going in."
"I don't mind that, Greg, but your have to temper your strength. You can do all of it, to me, and I'll love it and you...You just can't put all your strength behind it."
"She's right, Stern. You're going to really hurt her, at the least, scar her, if you're not careful."
"I promise you, Erin, I will be more careful."
"I love you, Greg."
"I love you, Erin, with my whole heart. Please don't ever test me, and you'll never have a moment's worry."
They embraced, awkwardly, as Nathan plastered the wounds. He congratulated the couple on their match. They both looked very happy, but Erin thought, even as she smiled, Stern had given her a clear warning.... "Don't test me."
But that was ridiculous. She loved him. She was going to be married!! She'd do everything she could to make him happy and they'd live happily ever after..... Still, her intuition told her, she'd better not test him, or they both regret it.

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Am I the only spanko to walk through a supermarket mentally choosing random items as spanking implements? (And not just wooden spoons or hairbrushes)

Today in Tesco I spent ten minutes in the kitchen utensil aisle mentally making a kinky shopping list...

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woke up today ... walked in front of my mirror in my purple lace panties... and think damm my ass looks good .. as i stood there brushing my hair oh wonder how my brush would feel on my asss i begin to lean over and spank my ass with my hair brush a few times.. hmmm wish someone was doing it for me .. it would feel alot different ..... rubs my ass as i look in the mirror ... other heand on the wall ... i havebt been naughty today but maybe i should be .... WHAT YOU THINK??????

Dreams of Spanking
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For the past 2 to 3 weeks my wife and I have been housesitting and taking care a friends dog. There has in this period of time not been a moment, where my wife felt she could adress and correct my behavior. I was neclecting my share of things to do with the housesitting and I was rude towards my wife a number of times. Not because I want tobe rude towards her, but because I tend to behave like a spoiled little boy from time to time and not pay attention to her and her needs.
On top of that I disobeyed my wife a few times too and even though I know what happens when I do that, I did it anyway. Big mistake...
I knew she was angry with me over this and I knew that she would punish me good and hard, when the right moment showed itself. I kind of dreaded the spanking I knew was comming, but also knew I deserved to be spanked.

Well today my wife decided it was time I went over her knees for some much needed discipline. She called me into the bedroom and sat me down. I could see on her face that she was angry and she gave me a scolding like never before. I was embarrassed and my ears were burning by the time she told me to explaine my behavior the past weeks.
I tried my best to give an explanation, but my reasons were quickly shot down by my strict and angry wife.
No young man you were very rude, disobeying me and behaving like a naughty little boy despite my warnings my wife lectured. That is totally unacceptable and I will not tollerate this anymore my wife scolded.

So I am going to give you a full punishment spanking today to make sure you remember how angry I am with you my wife scolded. Is that understood young man?
Yes Maam I said with my looking down in shame.
I am going to teach you a lesson you will remember for a long long time and I promise you, that you will NOT want to behave like this again young man.

My wife grabbed my earlobe and led me to the corner to reflect on the spanking she was going to give me and gave me a couple of hand spanks as I stood with my nose touching the walls. You should ashamed of yourself young man, having to be spanked over my knees like a naughty little boy at your age my wife scolded.

She then left me standing in the corner and think about the spanking I had comming. I heard my wife collect her spanking implements and move a dining chair into position in the middle of the diningroom. I was getting excited about the spanking I was going to get and had a hard erection when I heard my wife comming up behind me. I felt my wife grabbing my earlobe again, drag me out of the corner and over to the vacant dining chair where she would be sitting, while admistering my punishment spanking.

My wife was wearing her black leather pants and high heeled ankle boots, giving her a dominant and strict look, that got me even more excited about the spanking she was going to give me.
My wife let go of my earlobe and sat down on the dining chair. Now I saw that she had our wooden bathbrush and the long thin cane on the table behind her. I swallowed hard and felt nervous. My wife unbottoned my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles as she normally does and then looked up at me. She then slowly took my underpants out over my throbbing erection and pulled them down to my ankles as well, making me blush deep red with shame.

My wife quickly took my hand restraints and locked them to my wrists and told me to stand on her right side. I obeyed her at once and saw her ajust her position on the chair, making her leather pants squeek. Oh boy I was excited at this point, pre cum dripping on the floor and about to be spanked by my wife.

Over my knees young man my wife said calmly and obediently I placed myself over her leather clad knees. My erection was rubbing against her left thigh and it felt sooooo wonderful against the soft leather. My wife locked my handrestraints to the front leg of the dining chair she was sitting on and reached back to grab the wooden bathbrush.
Let this be a lesson to you young man she said and began spanking me very hard, alterning from my right to my left cheek.
It stung like crazy and I tried to take my well deserved spanking like a man. But the pain and sting of the wooden bathbrush soon had me begging and pleading with my wife. But she was determined to teach me a lesson and kept spanking my bare bottom very hard.

I was getting desperate after a couple of minutes, my erection was long gone and felt tears forming in my eyes. I pleaded franticly and promised my wife to behave if only she would stop spanking me, but she paid no attention to anything I said. She just kept spanking me in a fast pace, making sure I felt every spank she gave me with the bathbrush. In the end I just could not take it anymore and gave up fighting. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I truely felt like a naughty little boy over my wifes knees.
Laying limb over her leather clad knees I cried hard and by the time my wife stopped spanking me I was sobbing uncontrolably.

My wife unlocked my handrestraints, told me to stand up and when I stood in front of her she rose from the chair and picked up the long thin cane. Bend over and grab the seat of the chair she said. I obeyed my wife and bent over the chair. Now I am going to give you 50 swats with the cane my wife said and I want you to count them all out. If you miss a swat I will repeat it and go on from there. You are to stay in position and every time you stand up I will add one swat with the cane, so it s up to you, when this punishment spanking ends my wife stated calmly.

Is that understood young man she said? Yes Maam I whispered through my sobs.
Good then let me show you what happens when you behave like a naughty little boy and disobeyes me my wife said and started spanking me with the cane.
Swish.... twack was what I heard before the pain came in what felt like an explotion.
I shrieked in pain and said One.
Swish... twack.. Two I whispered crying hard.
So it continued and as my wife gave me the last swat with the cane I was a blubbering mess and could hardly stand on my feet anymore.

I was led to the corner again and my wife told my to stay there and keep my hands on my head. Any moving or disobedience from me and I would get a second spanking with the bathbrush over her knees.
I sobbed and cried hard in the corner and had to stand there for 45 minutes. My bottom burned and stung bad but I got what I deserved.

Now my bottom is crimson red, swollen and stings like crazy. My eyes are red from crying and sobbing and I truely feel like a naughty little boy.

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A hand taps a beat, found in mem'ry
A time of great heat, and great love,
Dreams of a lady, enchanting,
Who's gone, on the wings of a dove.

Clear out the dust, on your weapons,
And ready yourself for the game.
Woman of flesh, are there waiting,
And you've got a foot in the grave.

Stop with that lingering sorrow,
It's time your lamenting is done
The pursuit, is as fun as the catching,
The season, I'm told, has begun.

He baits all his traps with some sweeties,
He lures them up close, for the shot,
He bags em and carries them homeward,
And shows them, who's boss, on the spot.

His blood courses, hot, through each vessel,
He feels so alive, once again.
She bends to his will, and her bottom,
Grows redder, for each little sin.

The hunter is fearsome and virile
Those days spent on dreaming, are through,
His whips and his leathers are supple,
His taste for the good life renewed.

His hand beats a rhythm from mem'ry,
On a bottom quite naked, with cause,
His hand makes his mark, most impressive.
The slaps on her ass, his applause.

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Yey its my birthday today. Grambles has hit the ripe old age of fifty. My mind still says twenty but my body is going dont be silly. Its great being fifty, i make that "aaargh" noise when i reach for something on the floor, but best of all i get to shout at the telly when the news is on.

Dreams of Spanking
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Ok I'm here... don't ask me why cause I dunno... ty for all who looked in on me.. that means a lot..wanna send a special shout out to fitsret for reaching out further (yahoo) n just bein there... as for Blackspanko420 I can't recall ever bein mean to u so I'm unsure what ur on about... anyways I'm back

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Is there anyone interested in recievig a spanking, no charges or anything. The setting & type of spanking is all yours. Whether it be the first, a maintenance, or a flat out disciplining. Im a 20 y/o and have been on this site since I was 13 lol I've been dying to try it out. inbox for questions or setting up.

Divine Bitches