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Got a hard spanking with the bath brush by the Miss. she was on her period. We don't usually have sex during that time(gives us both time to recover, haha) I made a playful comment about her vagina "ruining everything".... She didn't find it funny.

I got out of the shower and went to the bed. As soon as I hoped in, she told me to get right back out, get her the bathbrush and lay across her lap. She must have spanked me for 20 minutes. I was wriggling and squirming all over the place but she never stopped until I came all over her thighs. I wiped her clean and we went to bed.

A few hours later, she woke me, telling me she needed me to cum again, this time messing myself up. I told her I was too dehydrated and probably couldn't. She made sure I came by massaging my prostate while giving me a handjob. My dick and ass were so tired after i was done. She was so sweet to wipe me clean. She's the best!

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I can treat you better than he can..any guy like you deserves a gentle man...

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Going to spend another 3 days at Master Victor's House. Looking for new scenario and ideas. One thing we like to do for sure is spanking with real birches which I will cut by myself and connect it together in bushes(Germany style birching).Master has a nice basement and I gave him idea to do the real cage there from wood(old Rome style)and put some kind of bench there for canning and whipping. If somebody has some of kind of this furniture or idea how easy to do it, please, share with us!

Spank Christina
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said with emotion: take this advice to heart, on Sunday #go2bed real soon, and early so your own dear moon, wont smart, on Monday #StrictMotivation

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I just wanted to give an update on my attitude. It has been a few days since my last spanking and my attitude has been good. My roomate had company over this weekend and everything went well. I hope my attitude continues to improve because i know if it doesnt i will get another spanking. The last one i got was a really hard spanking and i learned a lot from it. I got punished and forgiven for all of the majorly bad stuff i done in ga before i moved to pa except the day i was drinking with a friend and i drove home drunk. I am sure that will be our next session because i still feel really guilty and i wont feel better until i get punished for it. I know that will be a hard session but i will feel better after i get forgiven for it. I know the next thing we will work on is my bad language. I want to get into the security officer and law enforcement field so i really neef to work on my language. I am going to keep working hard towards having a good attitude also. I have learned a lot and my behavior is starting to improve since i began having discipline sessions with my roomate.

Spank Christina
45 views · 14 hours ago

I have missed watching everyone having good fun on here. I stopped watching because I was jealous of the ones who had found someone to spank them. I have decided to return and enjoy watching all the hot bottoms that have found the discipline.

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Girls wear yoga pants and leggings all the time now. I know that I wear them to show off my butt and to make people want to spank me! I think most girls do it for the same reasons. I want to know if you think this girl needs a spanking? How would you spank her?

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A few people have asked if there's anywhere they can buy our videos, so I put them up on a clip sale site, find them at the link below!


Spank Christina
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Yesterday morning about 6am Jen woke and shook me awake,she asked if I wanted breakfast in bed? I accepted her kind offer. We were getting up early and travelling to the city to buy some new clothes for an upcoming wedding we have been invited to. Jen went downstairs and I stretched in bed. I could feel my eyes about to close again when I heard Jen exclaim ," Oh for fuck sake...Karen!!!" I got out of bed and joined her in the living room to the sight of my niece's boyfriend asleep on my sofa, on the floor,stretched out in a deep sleep,was this guy with a thick bushy beard,he was not wearing any trousers just his shorts. Jen gave the sofa a kick and my niece's boyfriend began to come back to the land of the living. I went into the kitchen but became aware of voices coming from the conservatory ,I went to investigate. In the conservatory was my niece and a few other friends all sitting around drinking my tea and eating my French Fancy's. They had been at a music gig.My niece's boyfriend and a few of his friends have a rock band and play alot of heavy metal and rock,they clearly had not been home long. I asked my niece who the guy without the trousers was and she told me I knew him already,just picture him without the beard. She explained to me that while walking up the driveway to my house this guy had slipped and landed in mud,it had been raining heavily,my niece had offered to wash his trousers for him while he slept. Jen began to laugh when my niece's boyfriend came in to the conservatory and saw me standing there,I clipped him 'round the ear and went back into the living room to wake up 'Sleeping Beauty'.

I decided to give this young man a good fright. I lay down beside him and put my arm on his chest,I whispered in his ear,"...I hope you enjoyed that,just don't tell anyone...." He began to stir,smiled and in a flash jumped off the floor,fright all over his face. The rest had come in from the conservatory to see the merriment. The poor guy hit his back off my sofa and once he had become fully awake yelled," I swear I didn't do anything!" Everyone laughed. I stood up and told him he had just learned two lessons: 1, Don't drink too much ,and 2, No man does his laundry in my house!. There was much laughter. I fried them all a good breakfast and we all chatted for awhile. Jen and I drove to the city and got what we wanted. Looking forward to a special person's big day next Saturday.

Recently I wrote a blog about Jen wanting to cut down the trees on my driveway. Well the trees are staying and thank you to ALEX 53 for the wonderful suggestion; in retaliation for Jenny's comment about cutting down the trees I did in fact send her to fetch a switch and we had a good time in the bedroom as a result!Have a great week my friends.

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Mr G has decided recently that my bad bahviour will be ignored, unless to give me time outs or extra lines or essays.
He says, as i love to be spanked sooooooo much, giving me what i want is only encouraging my bad behaviour, so i get more.
I wish, i thought.
So he put a ban on spanking, and ive had none for nearly a month now.
And believe me, ive tried my hardest to break him but no, once Mr G decides on something thats it.
Now hes going away with work again, til Wednesday night, im hoping he can take some time off work in October, maybe we can get some fun days again.
But i hate this. My bottom has never gone so long without being bruised and sore and it makes his Little Sub want to throw a mega of all MEGA tantrums til i get one.

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Dear readers,
in the last month I've been a bad girl, disrespectful and headstrong. I haven't followed the rules and didn't care about consequences. Acting that way only brought me to a painful punishment, my boyfriend had to ask me to write over my punishment book.
I hope i won't see that book for a while cause I understood i've been a bad girl. When i see that book I start to tremble, because when i write something on i feel humiliated.

This is my punishment book. Where i write my sins and the punishments for them.

Spank Christina
48 views · 18 hours ago

Ok, I still have not heard from my husband. I have left messages.

I have made 10 gallons of laundry soap.
I made 6 bars of soap
I will be making dishwasher soap today.

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I think I have found a new spanking partner, yes its only been a few months since my move down south and I have struck gold.
If you have been following my previous blogs you will know that I left my on off spanking partner when I had to move down South because of my job, having enjoyed the delights of spanking & occasionally spanked, you can imagine the empty feeling that it leaves inside.
Well all of this might change.
I wont go into all the details of the meeting I had with this woman from work, just to say we found we had a lot in common, and we did get round to talking about spanking, it took a rather long journey round the houses to get there, but it was worth it in the end.
We haven't made a date to meet up to spank, but we have decided to take the time to get to know each other better first, discussion, over dinner, what we like about spanking and being spanked.
I mentioned this site, and she said she had heard of it, giving me a wink, so not sure if she is on here or not.
Well I hope you all have a good weekend.
In the meantime I will have a look at what other people are watching, and think of what is potentially to come my way.
Happy spanks.

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So finally got new lines from Mr G. No more writing the lines backwards thank goodness, though i got the hang of it in the end.
But i really dont know what Mr G thinks about when he decides on them, coz they just get more daft. This time its...........
I must do my lines in straight lines, or I'll cross the line.
I do know he does find them rather amusing and knowing i think they are just silly amuses him even more.
But ofcourse i am doing them like the good little sub that i am. :)
Thank you Mr G, love u xxxxxxxx

Spank Christina
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Just last night at around 6:30 pm my time I had my 9 year old brother ask my mom if we can have a baby pig cause I really want a baby pig and my mom told him NO!!! So then when he told me what she said I got my ass out of bed went and started cussing her out. My dad told me to stop the cursing but never did turn me over his knees to spank my butt.

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174, this must be the place. I rang the bell and heard a muffled "just a minute" then the sound of someone stubbing their toe, and then "damn!" The door opened and she was dressed in pantyhose, heels and a short silk blouse. Must be her spanking outfit I thought. Nice.
"Come on in, Did you get the Kettle One?"
"Got you covered" I replied and entered holding up a paper bag from the package store, and then threw in a "nice place."
"Thanks. I think they call it Art nouveau"
"My place is a little more bohemian, I think they call it Art Garfunkel"
"You are funny. I like that about you."
I smile and follow those long shapely legs and her pantyhosed covered firm ass into the living room while side stepping mounds of stripper outfits in small piles on the floor.
"Be a dear and pour us some drinks" she says, and removes a heel to rub her foot.
"Stub your toe?" I watch her do a stork pose while she rubs. I look around for a couple of clean glasses and spy a bar.
"Yes, damn it. Stupid coffee table."
"Kiss and make better?"
She smiles and with hands on hips places her foot on a small ottoman (a foot stool, not a person) and wiggles her toes. I take my cue and kneel before a marvelous pair of legs and start kissing her stockinged toes.
"Ready for your spanking naughty boy?" she asks a bit coy.
"You bet" I reply as best I can with a mouth full of her toes, and run my hand up one stockinged leg with hopes of reaching her thigh.
"Not so fast Spanky" and slaps my hand away "we're going to have some fun soon, I promise. You pour the drinks and I'll go find a paddle."
"Check the panty drawer" (women always keep the paddle in the panty drawer).
She smiles and walks down the hall, stopping once to look back and make sure I was watching her ass. I was.

(to be continued, if you like)

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as sunday is churchday,saturday is report card day. your past week decides, how much we will tan your hide. just #go2bed, if you dont? you'll be made to be sad #StrictMotivation

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a do-able, working step by step strategy
guidance how to switch from dysfunction and failing to working coping skills,
grow and overcome challenges.

Dont hesitate, dont wait, strive: to improve your life!
just get better with #StrictMotivation
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Spank Christina
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its been a long busy day today... first I slept in which I don't usually get to do but it did me a world of good... I dreamt of bein spanked last night... I only remember bits n pieces of it but as I was thinkin of spankings before bedtime I guess they slipped into my dreams as well... at one point I was bein spanked playfully by dave n another point I was bakin cookies for a party n my next memory was a hard paddle spankin by a faceless man lol... so I think it was a good dream haha... then I had a birthday party for one of my granddaughters today ( she turns 5 in Oct but they had her party early due to huntin season).. I made 150 choc covered pb balls for that party.. they had a piñata at the party n my son filled it with rotton veggies from the garden.. oh my u should have seen the looks on the kids faces.. I'm crackin up all over again thinkin about it .. they did have candy filled baggies handed to them afterwards.... then straight from there to another granddaughters baby shower... just got back home around 7:15...the temps dropped a lot today so I couldn't wait to come home n slip into my warm flannel nightie n thick fuzzy socks... mmmmmm a mug of hot cocoa n I'm all set...

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I am beginning to get in touch wih my inner sissy but need some help in doing so. I prefer a dominant female or TG/TS but I'm willing to accept guidance from select dominat males.
I believe that the hairbrush, bathbrush and paddle can be very effective teachers. I would like to be taught to suck sissy clits and boy cocks and I'd like to be traind to swallow their inevitable emmissions. But my remaining male pride won't allow me to even try.
Do you think your hairbrush, bathbrush and paddles can persude me to begin oral service to sissies and boy cocks?
How many sessions with each implement would be necessary? How many swats? How hard? Over my panties, bare or both? I can take several dozen of the brush otk although I do a lot of wiggling but I would probably have to be restrained to take the paddle.
Do any of you have experience with this kind of training? What would your training program consist of?
In the meantime I can only fantasize and self spank while I await responses.

Humbly yours, CH4

The English Mansion