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I've been wondering about being spanked by another guy recently. As anyone who's read my "Pull your pants down and come here!" blog entry is aware, the episode that's largely responsible for making me a spanko was male/male - being spanked bare-bottomed by my dad.

So I tried putting an ad up on Craig's List and meeting up with a cross-dresser/female impersonator who answered my ad, but it wasn't very satisfying. I suspect he was more just into getting it on with other guys than a true spanko, and since I'm not particularly into guys, it didn't do much for me.

I know there are guy/guy spankers who aren't gay, and for that matter, I really have no problem with being spanked by a gay guy as long as he sticks to spanking.


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Thank you ladies for opening the door for so many of us women. Your efforts and contributions should never be forgotten. We wouldn’t be the country we are without you.

And please, don’t forget the moms, who through their ultimate labor gave us life.

Just a side note:

“In 1776, Abigail Adams wrote to John Adams, then serving on the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, and reminded him to ‘not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands.’

Seventy-two years later, in 1848, women across the country gathered together for the first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York. And it wasn't until 72 years after that, in 1920, that women in the United States officially gained the right to vote.”

Betsey Stevenson, The White House, August 26, 2014

Be safe, enjoy the day. C

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When crying from happiness the first tear will come from the right eye but if you are crying from sadness it will come from the left.

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False Teeth

A Pastor goes to the dentist for a set of false teeth.

The first Sunday after he gets his new teeth, he talks for only eight minutes.

The second Sunday, he talks for only ten minutes.

The following Sunday, he talks for 2 hours and 48 minutes.

The congregation had to mob him to get him down from the pulpit and they asked him what happened.

The Pastor explains the first Sunday his gums hurt so bad he couldn't talk for more than 8 minutes. The second Sunday his gums hurt too much to talk for more than 10 minutes. But, the third Sunday, he put his wife's' teeth in by mistake and he couldn't shut up.

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Hope this gives all a smile, even if it's damn near true.

I hope you all have a red hot weekend?!?!

Subject: OLD BUTCH

Fred was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young' pullets,' and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs.

He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced. This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them to his roosters.

Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing. Now, he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells

Fred's favorite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen, but this morning he noticed old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all!
When he went to investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, would run for cover.To Fred's amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn't ring. He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.

Fred was so proud of old Butch, he entered him in the Brisbane City Show and he became an overnight sensation among the

The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the "No Bell Piece Prize," but they also awarded him the "Pulletsurprise" as well.

Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most coveted awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the unsuspecting populace and screwing them when they weren't paying attention.

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so i been going thru alot lately that im not sure if im rally making the right desicions with my life. i have been extremely overwhelemed and depressed that im lacking in making the man i love happy or at least thats how i feel. as u know we r expecting our first child together im 10 weeks to b exact and i feel like this pregnancy is tearing us apart like omg it feels like i cant do anything right or thats how i feel. im just not sure what to do anymore but i know we love each other...if an of my real friends on here have any advice please help me im so lost right now and i feel so alone...i know i never really talk about deep issues on here but i dnt have anywhere else to talk to so please respond or inbox me thanks for listening
love tinker 26
ps my real name is anna

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Today, I went to a Job Fair today. I went to 44 different job tablets, pass out 10 resume, and got 3 job leads. I pray I get an interview out it. I am doing good. I am glad I was able to go and network with many different affluent people.

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Mein Geburtstagsgeschenk von DomDaddySam_CGN

DAAAANKESCHÖÖÖÖN, sie ist sooooooo süß

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It makes me feel empowered when i spank him, honestly Im not a very assertive person it takes alot for me to build confidence, however when Im spanking him I feel like Im doing something that makes me feel in control and like Im being respected.

We have been a couple for 17 years, been through alot, of good and not so good times. Spanking has helped us connect on a deeper level as we now have a better understanding of each others wants and needs.

Making the videos has been fun and kinda exciting, Im realizing that I may enjoy spanking as much as my husband.

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I have decided to do weekly self-spankings to keep myself motivated.
My goals are....
1. To stick to healthy eating habits and my workout schedule.
2. To be kinder to people no matter how I am feeling that day.
3. To not let other individuals get to me in a negative way.
4. To refrain from smoking.

Every Sunday I will post a blog asking for suggestions in what you have found works for yourself or as a disciplinarian.

I'm sorry to say that there will be no videos on here.
If you'd like to view a session, then I may be willing to email it to you. It would only be possible after we talk and if I feel safe in doing so.

Masters PlayGround.

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I some times run my mouth just to see how much my partner will take before he gets angry with me .. the problem is it takes a lot of my mouth running to get a response out of him ...He's always been so very laid back an me on the other hand I kind of go unfiltered , when I don't get what I want I turn in to the biggest brat until I do get what I want an if I don't I like to think I will eventually an .. really I think this is something I need to work on. in my head there is a way for him to handle these problems , Like punishment he needs to be a bit more aggressive when it comes to my attitude problems ..but when I try to tell him he doesn't seem to listen :(I am just a very naughty girl in need of a very hard spanking an hope to get one soon ..

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Apples, pears, cherries and strawberries are all members of the rose family.

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Picture of Spencer Dad shortly after I began as Spencer Dad

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I am about to freaken explode!!!! if I dont get a stress relief spanking soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Theres nothing hotter than a woman who's bold enough to ask for a spanking.

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This guy is another person that had never been spanked in his life. Sure, I've been threatened with a spanking by a lady near the library.

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Bridesmaids were originally added to weddings to confuse the evil spirits as to who the real bride was.

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Your last date of attendance is: 08/25/2014
Major: Applied Behavioral Science
Cumulative Undergraduate GPA: 3.37
Credits Completed: 95.00
Credits Currently Scheduled: 10.00
You only have 25.00 credits to go!
Your estimated completion date is: 6/8/2015

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Let me put the record straight.An individual whom I met on this site,and thought I could be friends with came to Jen and me and asked something of us that we could not do for her.As a result this individual has sent us some very nasty emails,which we have ignored.Then I received an email from another friend on here offering condolenseces to Jenny.Jenny had a look what was going on and this individual,whom I am sure you all know by now has,with true disgust and lack of consideration for everyone,most of all Jenny and myself who offered every help we could in a time of trouble,posted a blog on here telling of my demise.

Never in all my life have I come across someone so profoundly disturbed,all I can say is I pity the mind that comes up with something so horrible to say about someone. I do hope this individual finds the help she sorely needs.I APOLOGISE TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU WHO WERE TAKEN IN BY THIS INDIVIDUAL AND WHAT SHE SAID. I am so angry but Jen and I have discussed this and I had to come on here first and apologise to you all,after all it was I who made a friend,and thought this friendship was true.I know there are people out there on the internet who ingratiate themselves into the lives of others,I am guilty of making such a friendship and been dupped by someone I thought was genuine. Needless to say Jen and I have broken all contact with this individual and changed important things like emails and phone numbers. It is only left to tell you all that I am very much alive,although have been incredibly busy of late,and again to apologise to you all for been caught up in something that was truely horrible. I wish you all well.Karen.

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Views: 100 · Added: 2 days ago

& have 'tidied up' my profile.

We will be back.

Thanks for all the positive comments in the past.

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