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As I drove into the midnight darkness once again,
Hundreds of miles to cover in a one man car,
The only sounds the GPS,radio or other vehicles,
The miles roll by the hours roll by way to slow,
Semi's getting to close just like they always do,
Time to think time to ponder the uncertain future,
My thoughts drift to what I would like in my life,
My dreams,my inner secrets my inner fantasy world,
Money?,material things?,things we would all like,
No,not at all although nice to have all those things,
Me?,its very simple for me you see,or maybe not simple,
To be given love the way I give love in its purest form,
No conditions,just someone who will love the real me,
Not judge me,not condemn me,not look down upon me,
Appreciate the "true" inner me, love and cherish it,
That "true" inner self which is hidden away in the dark,
That inner man who has spent a lifetime locked away,
The secret me you would see if you looked deep inside,
A happy loving jovial caring protective lovable guy,
A bit goofy not that book smart but well street smart,
Just longing to be loved in that "special amazing way",
That kindred spirit who bleeds your blood as you theirs,
Whose heartbeat you can hear even from a hundred miles,
What thoughts I had as I drove into the midnight darkness.

Thank you for reading,

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Being ashamed of being stripped and spanked by two strong women, Stew doesn't tell his boss what happen at the Jones’s House that day. He told him he had a family emergency and had to go. More like the greatest most of his life .You see, what I think is, Stew like getting spanked but was so shocked that it was really happening he didn't know what to do or expected.
The next day Stew went back to the Jones house to apologize to the two girls and explained that he didn't say anything to his boss about it, but wants to continue caring for their green house today.
The next thing you know, there were flying lemons and then you know what.


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Hello everyone! I was wondering when you are getting punished by your disciplinarian have you ever laughed out of pure nervousness? I tend to do that a lot, or just the opposite I get angry when I get nervous. I guess its because I told myself a long time ago the only thing I fear is God. But...when it comes to people I dont really fear. There are two reactions usually you get from me anger or nervousness. I get nervous because I have bad nerves or because I know what to anticipate and its different from other situations in my life. If someone makes me nervous on the street I swing first out of anger from them trying to upset me...but with my disciplinarian I am submitting to him so I cant hit him for hitting me and the only thing I can do is chuckle or straight out laugh because I'm nervous. By no means am I disrespecting my disciplinarian...I'm just nervous and I laugh. My oldest daughter well both of my daughters do the same thing when they get nervous...they laugh or get angry. I have a hard time crying when I am being punished, but trust if I do cry I was angry before I shed a tear. I dont know why, but its always been like that with me. The first time I cried was when my ex-boyfriend spanked me in the livingroom when all the kids were at school. I guess it was because no one else was there and I was able to get the truediscipline relief I but I could not cry in front of him. I asked for permission to go up stairs and when I got in my bedroom I just started balling like crazy!!!! uncontrollably!

The second time I cried was when my Daddy spanked me and I think a lot of that had to do with his lecturing and me feeling bad for disappointing him yanno. The third time I cried was when my current mentor spanked me the first time!!! it was not like anything I had ever braced myself for.his hands are something serious. He doesn't lecture much, because he feels you know what you did and u know what has to happen....PERIOD! and thats okay...I know every disciplinarian is different so I dont expect the same from each one. I like the diversity in the styles. My point is some disciplinarians can make you cry just looking at you a certain way and some disciplinarians can make laugh just by getting you nervous. While others can make you nervous from a simple phone call informing you that you are going to be spanked when they arrive! My Daddy has that type of power! its just like kids they will mess up and act up all day! then soon as you tell them you going to call they Daddy they start crying. So I laugh I guess sometimes to keep from crying!

I got spanked today by my mentor and I laughed well chuckled a little bit because I was nervous because I've been dodging him again for a while, and HE makes me nervous because he is a no non-sense type of guy and I know whats to come. My point is when I laugh I'm not disrespecting, I'm just nervous any of you laugh when your nervous?

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I am surprised my blog only created one person writing me a message. I am grateful to that person though. Once again, for all you out there that like to socialize a bit here on this site, send me a message and I will write back...

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So I was talking to a friend that Ive been talking to for awhile about the DD and the BDSM lifestyle. I live the DD lifestyle and he lives the BDSM lifestyle. He was telling me that once you live the DD lifestyle you are already living the BDSM lifestyle. I begged to differ on that.

The only form of discipline that I have ever received was spanking, corner time, writing lines, or ive been grounded. I understand that the BDSM lifestyle includes sexual punishments, some of which pain fanatics, bondage, etc...most of which people that are receiving the punishment to them they like that type of stuff.

I for one don't like punishments. I didn't like them as a kid I don't like them as a adult I accept my punishment and move on yea I mess up but I learn from my mistakes. Its not a turn on for me usually people that ask me about sexual desires during a session I don't talk to because for me its hard to get to them to that point that its not sexual to me and I have no sexual desires out of. Have I ever been tied up during a session my hands yea, once which was like two years ago. But since then I have my own opinion's on that. Id rather submit to my disciplinarian on my own rather then for him to make me to submit to him.(that is another blog)

I have a few friends that are in the BDSM lifestyle so I don't knock anybody that does live that lifestyle. Im a pretty open minded person. So my question to some of you is:

Do you think that people that live the DD lifestyle are already living the BDSM lifestyle.

And do you think its possible that people that are into the BDSM can switch to living the DD lifestyle without having the BDSM aspects.

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I like socializing here on spankingtube. I like trading messages with people on the site. If you are of the same mind and have an inclination to trade messages, send me one. I am interested in woman but a male friend can be nice to compare notes with too. Hope to hear from other members soon.

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I have been told by doctor that all my efforts to loose weight naturally is not working. I have to have weight loss surgery in order to get the weight off my left lung. I am been doing everything I could to avoid this but if this is going to help me live I will do it. I just pray I have made the right decision in the end.

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I remained in position for quite a while after she left the room. I could hear conversations again – again not able to determine what was being said. I know my friends heard what happened. The sound of the strap would have penetrated throughout the house. But then a thought terrified me – what if they saw what happened? My friends never before had seen me naked. Besides my ex-wife, no one had ever seen me exposed the way I was. No one besides my ex-wife had ever seen me take the strap. Had this now changed? I know they heard what happened and knew that I had been disciplined. Had they now seen me take the strap? Had they known that I received discipline prior to me being strapped in their house? Was this arranged prior to me receiving it that day?

I got up and through the mirror on their dresser, I saw what I had received. Deep red across my entire ass with more purple areas than I had seen in a long time. I knew it was severe when I was receiving it. It had been a while since I received the strap. I had learned many lessons the hard way throughout the years. This time it was totally different. I was always humiliated to receive the strap. This time I know someone else heard and possibly saw what happened. I slowly got dressed. I wiped away the last of the tears. I was going to have to see them again after what had happened.

I walked out and didn’t make eye contact by looking down. My friend’s wife asked me to please unlock the front door before I sat down. There wasn’t a lot of padding on the chairs. I’m not sure it would have helped too much if they were. I was hurting and swollen. My friends wife made the comment “You must be sore” then laughed. They all chuckled and we went back to playing cards like nothing had happened.

My embarrassment lasted for for months every time we saw them which was almost every week. To this day, I don’t know if they ever saw anything. What were they talking about as I was preparing to receive the strap, when I was waiting in position, when it was over? We have never never discussed it.

Today, many people have seen me spanked both friends in the lifestyle and people whom I’ve never met through my videos. I’ve been spanked in clubs in front of many people. My vanilla friends have not though and to date, no one else since has seen me truly disciplined.

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The belt came off and the jeans came down. I hesitated taking down my underwear. I could hear them talking at the breakfast table where we were playing cards but couldn’t make out the details. I received the strap well over a hundred times before – probably pushing two hundred. This was way different than before. It was the first time that I would receive the strap outside the private confines of my house – mainly my bedroom. More humiliating was the fact that now I know someone else had been made aware that I received the belt. How long had they known? Worst of all, it was my best friends. People whom I would have to see again in “normal” situations. I took my shirt off. Reluctantly, I removed my underwear and got into the position she would expect me to be in. On the bed, on my knees, knees spread wide, and shoulders touching the bed. This time was different in another way. This was a waterbed. My knees sunk in and presented my naked ass at a different angle than before. It seemed like my cock and balls were more exposed.

I was naked in position for what seemed like forever. I could still hear a conversation going on but still could not make out the details of what was being said. The position of the bed presented my bare ass toward the door. It was 180 degrees different than the layout of the bedroom I was only familiar with before. My face was pointed toward my right to be away from where she would be standing. The conversation stopped. I closed my eyes.

I knew what I was going to get. It happened so many times before. No idea how many I would receive but I knew it would be enough to satisfy her that I learned my lesson. I also knew it would be more than ten since that was the minimum per our agreement. Anything less than ten would not warrant the strap. I heard the belt be picked up. I heard the strap cutting through the air. I heard it strike my ass and felt the shockwave of pain throughout my body over and over again. It was completely quiet between the strokes of the strap cutting through the air and cutting into my ass. Her surgical strokes never hit my exposed balls. I don’t know how many strokes I received. I never counted. I just took what I deserved. My eyes teared but I knew from past sessions that no matter how many I needed to receive, I was never able to make a sound. I heard the belt being placed on the bed. Receiving the strap was over.

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Hi S/tube Friends.

It seems my connections ( see previous blog ) problems are sorted,so I am back hopefully to stay.
Hope I have not missed too much.

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My ex-wife and I were playing cards at the house of a couple who were our best friends. It was something we did almost every weekend. We would alternate between their house and ours. This particular weekend was at their place. Our kids were the same ages as their kids and were best of friends also. The kids, theirs and ours, were always bored with us playing cards so they were mostly out at the nearby park each week playing with other friends.Good wine usually began our evening and this particular evening was no different. A good way into our play and me working on my second glass was when I got myself into trouble.It had been many years since we began our agreement that dictated that I would receive the belt when I screwed up. Our youngest kid was somewhere around ten or eleven years old so it had been somewhere between fifteen or sixteen years since me first being disciplined. My need for discipline had decreased throughout the years. I was a much better person since the beginning of my journey. The number of times the belt impacted by bare ass was probably in the thousands throughout the years. It was something I never had gotten accustom to. We had long ago incorporated more “funishment” sessions that still hurt but didn’t have the emotional or physical impact of having to endure the belt. My ex-wife was also into receiving a good spanking so we were officially into our switching arrangement.Always prior to this incident, if I screwed up while we were out, she would just tell me privately that I was to receive the belt when we returned home. This time was different. Into my second glass of wine, something into the conversation turned to weight – something that I knew was taboo to discuss. There was no way she was over weight but was very sensitive about talking about it. I made some remark that embarrassed her. As much as I tried to laugh it off, I knew I stepped into it. This time to my shock, she asked our friends if she could borrow their bedroom and they could lock the front door so the kids couldn’t walk in. I was shocked and embarrassed that she asked them. To this day, I don’t know if it was pre-arraigned. My ex and his wife were the best of friends. Could they have talked about me getting the belt before?I just sat there at the table not knowing what to do. Even when my friends wife said it was ok, I sat there. Even when my ex-wife told me to get up, go into their bedroom and get ready for the belt, I didn’t move. I looked at my friends still in shock and his wife said “Go”. I remember looking down in embarrassment and not wanting to make further eye contact. I got up and went into their room.

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Hi there:

I know that I've been missing in action. It's been a crazy time for me basically starting two businesses at once. I've been travelling a lot lately attending conferences and networking in an effort to attract clients. Now, I have to focus on making the changes my outside editor suggested on my debut novel so that I can publish it in August.

I'm afraid I've gotten myself into trouble again too. One of the things that has fallen by the wayside is my exercise routine. He is not happy about it to put it mildly. Apparently, He has a real problem with having to discipline me twice for the same offense - recidivism if you will. If you recall, failure to work out was the cause of me getting the wooden paddle in my last video.

I'll see Him again in about four weeks. My orders were to work out at least three times per week. My plan is to work out most days between now and when I see him in hopes He doesn't tear me up too badly when we get together. I mentioned this plan to Him and His response was: "That just might work."

Tell me: Does your Dom, disciplinarian, spouse, HOH or whatever allow you to decrease or work off a punishment for good behavior? Do you allow your wives, subs, disciplinees, bottoms, victims (lol) to do that or do you just disregard the subsequent good behavior? Do tell.

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Happiness is love smiling.. Feeling complete, happiness is laying your head down and feeling that heartbeat.
It comes in all shapes and sizes, you can feel it when it's there, happiness is smiling and spreading positivity for those to share.
Happiness is you happiness is me, happiness has a way of making one feel free.
At the peak of dawn when your feeling kinda low, just remember that happiness is there and you have to make it show
Smile when your sad it will be on it's way, happiness has magic to make everything ok
Happiness feels hard laying in bed at night, but it's still in your heart don't worry don't fright.
Happiness will shelter you from the tragic storms, it will come at your time in need in very special forms.
When all feels lost and happiness is know where to be found. Take my hand I'll be right here I'll pick you up from the ground.

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To My Daddy!!!!!!

To my love

Love.. Love is the person who makes you feel complete. The person who can brush you off and put you on your feet.

This person holds my heart every second of the day, and it's him that every night I'm thankful and I pray.

Lucky can't compare to the emotions that lay inside, it's like the biggest ocean and here comes the tide.

They wash over me in unexplainable ways, getting more and more intense as the passing days.

I love you to the moon and back that's what we say, but truly it's much further then that as far as the longest days

Laying in your arms and listening to your you breathe, stomach doing flip flops like water as it seethes.

Kisses on the forehead my seem simple enough, but they are like pure bliss when times are getting rough.

Truthfulness and honesty is important to the love, we can proudly open up like the wings of a dove.

When hard times come we have each other through thick or thin. We laugh at those who jealousy hits and happily lift our chins.

The feeling of invincibility is like no other, and it is constantly there when we are with eachother.

Our love is like a roaring fire, the tender care you give is one to admire.

Arguments and fights seem bad at the time, but we talk and have communication we know it like a rhyme.

Even when we are far apart. We will always in each other's hearts.

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Since my last blog entry, I have discovered, tried and practiced something that has turned me on for some time: chastity
After I found more and more pleasure in separating pure sex from receiving a punishment, I wanted to try how it feels to enjoying belt, whip and the cane without touching myself or even jerk my cock.I've seen many pictures and videos of guys wearing a chastity device and so I first lent a cage from a friend.To put the chastity cage on was very exciting and after I first wore the cage only inside my flat, being completely naked, I've worn it also under clothing and outside my home. The result, I bought my own CB6000.

I received many beatings, where I was tied down, but the first session with the CB600 was exceptionally hot and very satisfying. As a part of this punishment session I loved to separate the act of discipline from any sexual action. And it´s a fact, that with a chastity device a belting/whipping/caning is perceived as a real punishment...And... by the way: it´s that fucking humiliating to strip down naked and present your locked cock and balls to the spanker ;-)After the first sessions in private I´ve worn my chastity cage in the Berlin SM-club "Quälgeist".

And it´s quite amazing that even more women are turned on to see a man in chastity than men...

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I've ben less active than I was a couple of years ago. it seems that was an aberration---I went on line, happened to find the right people who were looking for a realy hard spanking and nothing more, and next thing I knew I was on the road 3 times a week for about 4 months. Well, much as I love to blister a deserving young lady's bottom, I just couldn't maintain the pace, so I slowed down. Seeing just some locals that I've known since grade school, or worked with for many years before the company moved overseas.

But last Saturday, a magical thing happened. A girl I met when she was in college, and I was working as a graphic designer, came all the way from Hilo! e dated in the late 80s and she was one of the first gfs I had who really got into spanking. She was the first, when I threatened to put her over my kne to give me that lovely reply "Promises promises!" I must start by saying she did not come all the way from Hawaii to see me. Her son is an excellent baseball player and is on one of those travel teams. I knew they traveled, but seems his team one a berth in a tournament that allowed his age-group to play for a district championship, then a regional, etc. Next thing I know, I get a call from her roommate from college, telling me that Kris andher son flew in for a 10 days, and his team was already in the winners bracket at 1-0. She wanted to havde dinner with all of us who were still in town, so 7 of us met at Gerhard's for dinner. Food, wine and company were all excellent and everyone showed family photos and caught up on the joys and pains of being 25 years older.

At the end of the evening, of coufrse I asked Kris if she needed a ride to her hotel. She didn't; she'd rented a car. But her son was staying with the team at the hotel chosen for them--they had to---something about a sponsorship requirement. Kris couldn't stay with her son, but did stay in the same building. She asked if I still lived in the same place and I told her no, I was divorced/ I offered to show her the new house and told her I didn't drink anymore, but could offer her a soft drink. She surprised me by saying she'd love a Diet Mountain Dew. I guess those are hard to find in Hilo. Or maybe not ;) I didn't question it and we shot over to my house, she following me in her rental. She mentioned that it brought back memories to be back in town, asked if I remembered certain nights, which of course I did. I also told her that I didn't want to send crossed messages, and had no desire to have a one night stand. She said "whew!", she was hoping I still enjoyed roleplaying like we used to, and told me she hadn't been spanked= REALLY spanked---since her senior year. I told her she should just encourage her husband---though we all get older, Kristy clearly had aged the least of those of us at dinner and still had that dynamite figure, lithe body, coltish legs and straw colored hair, though no longer curly. Once it was clear we were on the same page, gthat she just wanted me to wear her backside out, and it would be several days before she flew back home, I decided it wouldn't hurt to relive old times, just this once ;) She wore a white top, white miniskirt and sandals, and had a tan that was unbelievable. I asked how she did that--her pale skin used to turn lobster red every summer. I guess after 20+ years in the Aloha State, you adapt. But one part of her anatomy was pure white, and I quickly had it in the air, on the bed balanced on pillows and used her favorite implement, the switch. She pulled her panties down (I remembered she always preferred that to my doing it) and they too were white. She squirmed and ooohed and aaahed just like when she was 21, and she striped and reddened even better. Then I used a paddle, which she kepy goading me by asking when I started hitting like a girl.

In short, it was a once in a lifetime thing. When Kristy married and moved so far, I was sure I'd never see her again. I'd spoken to her twice: once when her son was born and once when she won a prestigious award that took her to somewhere in Scandanavia. The details are lost to Lipitor, age and Pink Floyd concerts. But we spent about 2 hours together, one of which was fully employed in turning her butt every shade of red, then she did her 10 minutes in the corner but talked the whole time about everything from her job to her house to her sister to OWW how much that hurt! to asking about everyone from the 80s and where they were. Once Kris gets started, she can babble for hours. Then she laid on the bed,on her stomach, as I sat o the other side. We went downstairs to the living room, clicked on the DVR and repeated another tradition from her college days--we watched Star Trek! So after Frank Gorshin was vanquished in Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, I hugged ger goodbye, told her to be careful, and she kissed me on the cheek. She looked back at me and said she hoped it wouldn't be another 25 years, but she doubted she'd be in for any class reunions. I told her I understood---we'd stay in touch. She rubbed her rear end and said goodbye and headed for her car. Comed to think of it, she never did get a soft drink---not even one.

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C's Story of Thelma and Lousie cont'

These two desperados are now on the loose
Looking for ranchers to spank their caboose
They'll steal all your cows and run off with the chickens
'Til somebody stops them and gives them the dickens
Put up some posters, rouse up the town
"No need," said the sheriff wearing a frown
He undid his belt and spat to the side
"I'm just the man for tanning their hide.
"I'll get 'em," said the sheriff with blood in his eyes
"If the Good Lord is willin' and the creek don't rise."
So put down your pitchforks and dowse all those torches
The man with a badge will scorch their back porches
The jig is up and those two are goners
They're in the saloon standing in corners
Ignore all their sniveling and rubbing their bums
Drink a toast to the man who used his belt not his guns.

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for all those naughty.......

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The New Gardener:The jones family hired a new gardener to care for the green house in their backyard. The “doorbells rings” .Lisa opens the door to a skinny 5’ 6 Caucasian boy with a white t-shirt, dark pants and funky hair. She says “Hello”, the boy answers “Hi I’m Stew, I’m here to work on your greenhouse”. Lisa shows Stew which direction the green house is, while walking to the green house Stew was behind following Lisa. The entire time Stew was checking out Lisa from behind. Lisa is a big black beautiful 5’9 200lb woman with thick voluptuous thighs and ass in short shorts. Her upper body was big and tight, just enough to cuddle you when needed. They made their way to the backyard where Stew can see the greenhouse but is still checking in on Lisa’s ass. Lisa could see through the windows reflection that Stew’s eyes were on her.” OK, here it is” said Lisa. “Great, why don’t you get me something to drink babe” forced Stew. “Sure, I will be right back” replied Lisa.

10 minutes has gone by and Stew is sweaty setting up his tools and prepping to work. Lisa comes back with 2 glasses of water with lemon, she entering the green house and serves Stew his drink. Stew take the drink and sees the lemon and laughs, “HA, lemons suck” while taking a sip he takes the lemon and flings it into one of the Plant pots nearby. “HE SCORES!!!” yelled Stew. Lisa try’s to laugh to be nice, but is little insulted that she took the time out to cut the lemons for him. She tried to put down her glass on the table but accidently spilled her water on the table where Stew’s Tools were. “WHAT DID YOU DO” yelled Stew. “I’m so sorry it was an accident, I didn’t mean to spill my drink” explained Lisa. Stew started to move items away from the water,” MY PHONE” screams Stew. “You wet my phone and now if won’t turn on” said Stew. “Im so sorry, I didn’t mean to” said Lisa.”. “ Yes you did, it’s because I threw that LEMON! right”. “NO, it wasn’t the lemon I’m sorry” cried Lisa. Stew runs out of the greenhouse to a table exposed to the sun mumbling “Stupid Bitch”. He lays it on the table to see if maybe when he’s done working; it somehow maybe dry and turn on. Lisa follows him outside and says “I’m really sorry, I would do anything to make it up to you”. “What could you do to make my phone work or not have to pay $200 for a new one” says Stew. ” Um, you could spank me”. “Huh” said Stew, “you can spank me” explained Lisa. After saying that she slowly nudged Stew out of the way and lean over the table top.” Wow, you weren’t joking” said Stew. Stew begins to spank Lisa.


Or Read on if you want(more detailed)

Stew spanks Lisa over her shorts and concentrating on each cheek.

Stew’s hand wasn’t connecting well with Lisa bottom through the shorts, so he removed Lisa shorts revealing her big round ass. Stew asks “wow no panties huh?” “I took them off when you asked for your drink” replied Lisa. Stew thought to himself, so that why she took so long for my water.

Stew began spanking Lisa on her bare bottom. “This is for breaking my phone “said Stew.

Lisa’s Sister Shelly comes home from the gym and hears a slapping noise coming from the back yard. When reaching the backyard she sees the new gardener spanking her sister’s bare bottom over the table.

Shelly sneaks up behind Stew to stop him from spanking Lisa on her bare bottom.

“Hey, what are you doing to my sister” yelled Shelly. Stew being scared and shocked at the same time forces him to be speechless.” Um-uh-ah”. “Why were you spanking my sister’s bare bottom for” screamed Shelly. “ Sheee she spilled water on my phone” explained Stew. “so, that give you the right to spank her, only our mother can spank us”. Said Shelly. “ I’m sorry but she asked me to spank her” said Stew. “Lisa did you ask to be spanked” asked Shelly. “Yes, be I was kidding to try make up for breaking his phone but I didn’t ask to be spanked on my bare bottom. He removed my shorts so fast, I was scared and didn’t know what to do” explained Lisa. “What” said Stew. “you see, you scared my little sister and humiliated her too”. Said Shelly. Get your ass over there now” yelled Shelly to Stew.

“Time to have a taste of your own medicine you naughty boy” said Shelly as she sits down. Lisa puts her on arm on Stew right shoulder and says “Now this, is for you the lemon, you little brat” and smiles. Stew try’s to shallow for any taste of that one sip he once had, but nothing was going to save him now.

With one swift push on his shoulders, Lisa sends Stew over Shelly knees.(OTK TIME)

They removed Stew pants and Shelly begins an intense spanking on Stew little white ass.

Stew kept squiring and moving to break free, so Lisa decided to sit on Stews back with her bid round bare bottom to temporally paralyzing him.” Ah no you don’t” said Lisa. Shelly continues spanking Stew ass.

After 5 min of Stew begin spanked, Lisa asked Shelly if she can spank him now. Shelly said “I have a better idea”. They walked Stew over to the same table he spanked Lisa and removed his shirt. They both started to spank Stews bare bottom with each girl taking a cheek at separate turns. They spanked him until he was crying.” I’m sorry, I’m begging you please stop..i will do anything you want”.

After hearing him beg Lisa removes her shirt while pushing Stew to his knees, She then sits on the table and says “ I want you to eat it, to make up for the humiliation you cause me”. Stew being naked and scared of these two powerful women, he immediately begins licking and sucking Lisa’s wet pussy. Shelly liked the discipline and respect of their new slave, so she continued to get her kicks by spanking him.

Lisa begins to moan while Shelly removed her pants because she has decided she wants an orgasm too from their Slave boy.

After climaxing, Lisa lays down on the bench while Stewie the slave boy finishes his slave duties. Shelly moans and moans until she cums all over Stews face.

Shelly gets up to take a stretch as Stew saw his chance and took it. He just ran out of the house with no clothes, no tools or his broken phone. Just his red naked ass and boots, hopefully Stew has learned his lesson and should grow up knowing to treat women with RESPECT from now on.So as a final thought, I say, “How do you like them Lemons?” Hope everyone enjoyed the story of Stew living in his 3D spanking world and no I’m not Stew, Stew’s a prick.


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