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Hey yal ! so my over the top got postponed and I'm not complaining! so I figured I would enjoy the rest of the day, and finish homework and laundry. I have been relaxing since I got off of work and just looking forward to my next day off, even though I just went back to work today.

I bought me some gum and I try to chew it everytime I get the urge for a ciggarette.....that works a lil bit. Well seeing as how I dont have to worry about getting mt Over the top anytime soon, I am ecstatic!

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its probably best u don't send me any friend requests as I am not a good friend at all.....have a nice day/night n have a Happy Easter on Sunday...

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50 Warm-up swats with the wooden spatula,
50 With the paddle, and 50 with the wire hanger.
I feel a lot better now.

However I still stand firm on another person whoopin me is way better for a couple reasons.
1. I can't get a full release spanking myself.
2. Its much more effective when the before, during, and after lectures are in play.

It does help though.
Hope you enjoy the pics.
Have a good evening everyone.

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I promised myself I would never put myself in the same situation as I did five years ago. Why on earth did I think the outcome would ever be different. I always had bad luck and what made me think that after all these years it could change.

Five years ago I married my husband Mark. I was 28 years old and had worked at a bank since I was 18 right out of high school. I lived in a small town on the Oregon coast. It was pretty much a tourist town with logging and fishing as it’s main economical income.

Most of my high school friends moved away to college and I stayed home. I was afraid to move to the big city away from my family. I had four sisters and my Aunt Jennie that lived in the same town and I was shy and knew I would miss everyone too much.

I had dated in high school and years after, but never had a real steady boyfriend. I never found that one man who swept me off my feet.

I met my husband through a mutual friend and I thought he was ok but nothing special. Mark and I dated for about a year and then we eloped to Reno to get married in 1978.

I was 28 years of age and I wasn't getting any younger. I don’t think I was truly in love but I liked Mark and he was a nice man. I felt I was going to be happy and some day would have children to complete our family.

The first few years were happy. He worked at a large grocery store and I was still at the bank. We had my family in town and we would go visit his family in the big city 80 miles away.

I was never much of a drinker. One reason for that was my father had been an alcoholic. I saw what drinking could do to a person.

In our third year of marriage Mark started to drink heavily, so much he almost lost his job. It caused him to enter a treatment center and then he almost lost his life because of his drinking. I stayed with Mark because the vows said, in sickness and in health.

Year five I could not stay with Mark one more day. My health was failing because of all the trauma in his life. After the last hospital stay because of his drinking I asked him for a divorce. He knew that it was over and that I more than did my part in trying to help him stop drinking. He didn't want to stop and I certainly couldn't make him.

We both went our separate ways. I stayed in the apartment that we had shared and Mark moved into an apartment of his own. We saw each other around town but didn't keep in touch. I was finally free.


My divorce was final in June of l984. I figured that I would be alone for a while. I was never the type of girl that went looking for men. Like I said before I was pretty shy. I always waited for the man to start up the conversation.

I met a lot of people working at the bank, but most of the men were already taken , besides I wasn't really looking for a man so soon after my divorce. I figured I needed time to get used to being on my own. I must admit it was nice to just having to worry about myself.

I was working at the bank on a Monday afternoon and stood up to help a teller with a question. The branch has a split lobby. Our side is where the tellers had their stations and also mine and my supervisors desk were immediately behind the tellers. On the opposite side of the lobby were the new account and loan officers desks.

I noticed when I glanced over on the loan side a man looked familiar. It was Seth Johnson. I hadn't seen Seth since high school. He was 4 years older than myself.

I had transferred to public high school in my Junior year from a local catholic school. By that time Seth had already graduated from high school.

I knew his younger brother Jacob. He was my age but was in one grade lower. Jacob was a nice man and just so happens that we had been together on a few occasions. I had gone through a wild time in my early years after turning 21. I wasn't proud of my sexing around but Jacob was one of the nice guys and very good looking.

Seth was very good looking himself. He was 6 3” , 200lbs. He had such a strong upper body. He had so much dark hair and beautiful green eyes. He had such a strong chin and a cute dimple on his right cheek.

Seth had his own construction company and built many beautiful homes. I had taken a few tours of the homes for the bank and they were amazing. He did everything from beginning to the finish product.

We had a mutual friend, Jim Bryan, who was his business partner. I knew Jim from the bank. He often talked about Seth and said that it was too bad I was married because he said that Seth was a real nice guy and that he wasn't a drinker. Jim knew how bad my marriage had been and that he wished I could find myself a good man. If I didn't know better, you'd think Jim was trying out a new profession as a matchmaker. I told Jim that I needed to be by myself for a while so I could heal.

I sat back down at my desk and my phone rang. I answered and it was Ted one of our loan officers.

“Beth, this is Ted. Could you bring over some photo copy paper to my desk? I was copying loan documents for Seth Johnson’s loan and the copy machine ran out of paper.” He said that Seth was in a hurry because of another appointment he needs to keep. I said sure I'd be right over with the copy paper.

I felt funny seeing Seth after all these years. He still was as gorgeous as always. I on the other hand had put on a few pounds since high school. I guess a few more curves were added to my body. I still had my shoulder length brown hair. I did like to put it back into a ponytail when I wasn't at work. I like comfy clothes, no form fitting show off kind of outfits for me.

Seth looked up and gave me a smile and a wink. I wasn't expecting that at all. I know I turned 50 shades of red. My face felt hot and I wanted to run but I just froze. I got up enough nerve to say hello.

“Hi Seth. How are you?” I smiled and I started to feel warm all over. I was feeling a little light headed and faint. I needed to get a hold of myself and not embarrass myself any further. I’m not sure if Seth figured out my predicament but he stood and asked me if I was ok and offered me his chair. I thanked him and sat down.

Oh my God, why did I come over here. I just made the biggest boob out of myself. Seth asked Ted if he would go get me a glass of water. As Ted went for the water Seth asked how I was feeling. “Beth are you feeling any better? Have you eaten anything today? It was 1:00 and I hadn't gone for lunch yet.

I looked at Seth, “I haven't had lunch yet, I was just going to go to lunch after I brought over the copy paper.” Seth gave me a scowl look.

“Beth, I asked you if you had anything to eat today.” I told him that I skipped breakfast because I was late for work and that I didn't have time to stop on my way to work.

I could tell that Seth wasn't happy with the answer I had just given him. He raised his eyebrow and I could tell he was losing patience with me. “Why were you late for work?”

Why was he giving me the third degree? It was like he was mad at me. What gave him the right to be scolding me like a naughty child.

I could feel a tear forming in the corner of my eye. I wasn't sure what was happening but I was feeling so guilty. “I stayed up until 2am watching TV and forgot to set my alarm.” Seth was still looking at me with that raised eyebrow. “No wonder you feel faint. You know little Missy if you were mine I would tan your hide for missing breakfast and staying up so late on a work night.”

Well, you can imagine the look on my face. Quickly I looked around to see if anyone had heard what Seth had just said to me.

Who does he think he is, telling me if I was his he would tan my hide. I put my hands on my hips and looked at Seth.

“Then it’s a good thing that I’m not yours, isn't it Seth Johnson.” I started to get up and started to get dizzy all over again. “That’s it, I'm taking you to get some lunch and I don't want any fussing from you, do you hear me.”

Just about then Ted came back with some water. I took a few sips and started to feel better. Seth turned to Ted and told him the reason I was dizzy was because I didn't have anything to eat since dinner last night and lack of sleep. He told Ted he was going to take me to get some lunch. Seth asked Ted if he would make it ok with my supervisor that I leave for lunch and that he would have me back in an hour.

Ted called over to my supervisor and explained the situation and one of the tellers brought me my purse and coat. Everyone was so nice and deep down inside I was thinking this was all a set up to get me to have lunch with Seth.

To be continued....................

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Last Sunday evening Jenny received nine strokes of the cane;six strokes for being very naughty indeed and three extra for not being punctual. There were some tears,but tears have no place in my study. Jenny should have thought about the discomfort before she behaved in the way she did towards me. I thought the matter was at an end,that was until I awoke Monday morning, went to shower and found a photo of me stuck to the bathroom mirror,it seems Jenny is up to her old tricks again.

Sometime ago I wrote a blog regarding Jenny's improper use of her camera.While I was tending to my garden Jen had photographed me in different poses,she was behaving like a stalker.

One of Jen's hidden stash of photos of me doing the gardening and chores.

We "fought" Monday morning over the copyright of these photographs.My niece even had one stuck to her bedroom door of me playing with Justin. I want all the photos but Jenny is using them for blackmail purposes at the moment. As a member of the neighbourhood watch she has even stated that a photograph of me, somewhat drunk and sitting in the old Abbey ,will find its way to the local Garda if I don't let her take control and dress in a certain costume she wants me to dress in. I am at present weighing up all probabilities.

Monday morning we drove to the city and I dropped Jenny off.As I watched her stand at a crossing I could not resist the opportunity and so I clicked a photo.The car behind me began to blow his horn and Jenny spun around and gave me the finger. I will wait until she pops on here and reads this blog before she realises I can be just as mercilious(evil laugh).

Jenny at the pedestrian crossing,she stands strage!

This weekend sees us travel to Galway,we have vowed to continue our mini conflict through the weekend. I do hope she is prepared for the consequences. I quite enjoyed caning her,but I guess you all know that anyway.

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Whew im so glad my work day is over with for a little while. Today was just not my day at work. Was already irritated cuz I was on 2 hours of sleep cuz of my other job plus my disciplinarian paid me an unannounced visit and tore my ass so then I couldn't sleep cuz it was so late and my ass was sore.

(Sigh) Working at a hospital theirs always something going on Ive been trying to maintain that professional manner in the workplace but its been difficult when one of your employers try and get you fired and you cant say nothing about it well... I know I shouldn't of said nothing but I ended cussing him out off the clock I don't like people trying to do and say stuff and think I don't no id rather you be a man and say it to me if their was a problem but I guess some people feel intimidated. I know I was in the wrong but whats done is done. Hopefully I have a better day today and hopefully everyone has a better day.

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Men that paddle are different from women. Just as tough, but different. Noticed recently, had forgotten; given choice male paddlers always pick largest. If one is an extreme 2-handed board, 28" long, 12" handle, 4-1/4' blade, made from 3/4" white pine. It has 2 rows of 6 holes 7/8", 7 down the center 1/2". This is pretty much for me, toughest punishment paddle ever, this is 2nd version, 3rd mod.Every(not many)guy who sees the paddle collection picks up the board, step-son I think in love with it.Got call from E, Nanette's guy,after much going around in circles said they'd like to watch if it was not weird or anything. ROFLMAO, of course it is weird, part of the appeal. I'd like it, they are aware my paddling needs, close to them, get a chance to show off. Nanette been interested in DD 6-7 years now, been wanting her to watch forever. Eric was all that's perverted,sexual. He changed his view, nothing sexual about it,with proper methods. Next time Jen rolls through town....she likes to show off too.

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Hello to all my friends, sorry i have been i guess in my own world lately. And to be honest I am beginning to give up on the whole having a spanker. I can't seem to find the right one for me that can understand my needs. I don't go out and I don't get into trouble but I do need to have discipline in my life to have that security and feel of a stern figure to keep me together at times. ( not taking my meds etc.) But I do still enjoy watching videos and rating them. So to all the lucky ones, keep it going what ever your spanking needs are and I will hopefully find mine one day. Have Fun.

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I want and need a whoopin so bad right now that I am in tears, and being short with everyone.
I can get what I want and need, but refuse to for the sake of my sanity I think.
I'm not sure could be a whole bunch of other reasons also.
I accept things didn't work out the way I had hoped.

So do I continue to move on, or turn back?
Its as addictive as these stupid cigarettes I am now again smoking. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!
I am gonna keep moving forward, as for these smokes, Ill try again tomorrow.
Have a good day everyone.

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Dunno about anyone else, but there is a huge difference for me between wearing a thong, or taking paddling nude. Especially when a male swatting, even more so with Nick applying it. I'm in spite of wanting to say anything nice about him, am very grateful he allows my thong. Jen, and Sue, always paddle naked, and from them prefer it. I feel weird if not nude for them. Being nude for male paddler makes me cringe. So a big thanks to step-son for allowing me the tiny shred of dignity that wearing a thong gives me.

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I had the best time with my lifestyle friends on Sunday. It was the 4 of us, we went to the movies and to Applebees. Those are some fun hilarious down-to-earth ass chicks. I love my lifestyle sisters.

After out outing, 4 more chicks hit me up. They all wanna go out with us. So I started this new lifestyle social group. Im excited to make my new friends.

So far, so good....

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I have updated my profile to give people more of an idea of why I am here and my desires.

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Job applications be like...If your on the job and John looks sad what do you do??Hell imma turn around and do my work...fuck John!

and another thing they asked do I believe in ghosts? There's no such things as ghost....

Just dark skin bitches playing in the dark being childish.

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I had to beat some butt earlier today. Why is tobacco so addictive? It's one of the biggest reasons I have to tear into some ass. 9 out if 10 spankers agree that Tobacco companies are the leading causr of ass whippings lol

I must be getting old since my arm got tired rather quickly. Gotta hit the gym :p

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Saw my friend this weekend. He always makes it a fantastic weekend. Although, 3 different punishment spankings...sheesh! LOL. One of them...yes Phil, I still sorta disagree with (but...not gonna complain about so-so grades again!). :P But, the other 2 I deserved and I learned from them. And the rest of the weekend was awesome, as usual. :)

Now...I need to attempt to focus on 4 finals coming up! One this week and 3 next week. School will be over next Friday, and then I start internship on the following Monday at one of the best hospitals in this area. From what I understand, the director of my school hand picked me and 3 others for this position, as they only take (what she calls) the best of the best. pressure there! I doubt I will get hired by them at the end of my internship, but, I do at least hope that I will do a good enough job to get a good reference for another position somewhere. Having their name on my resume is a huge thing.

So that's my babble for the evening. And now, it is bedtime since I don't want another punishment spanking! Good night all!

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And no, it's not from a spanking, lol. I helped the hubby chain and strap the load He picked up yesterday and had to roll straps when we dropped the first load. Sore arms, sore legs, sore back. But all worth it to spend time with the hubby and help him.

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Hi There:

So I'm going to see Him next weekend and I can't wait. We're going to celebrate my birthday and spend some much needed time together.

He says that I haven't earned any strokes (our code for punishment spanking). I am due for maintenance though and a birthday spanking.

Last night, he gave me instructions on what to bring with me and I can't help but be confused and a bit apprehensive because the list included the black leather paddle with the holes in it (the one he used in our first video) and the green rubber paddle from Caneiac.

O.O (Big eyes)

Here is where the confusion comes in: If I'm not getting a punishment spanking, then why, praytell, is he instructing me to bring two such hellacious implements with me? When I asked him, he just laughed it off and said something flip like: "Oh, what's a birthday celebration without a few toys?" Uh huh. That's an answer (rolling my eyes).

Anyway, he also told me to bring the video camera so there may be some video footage of my torment.

Here are pictures of the implements of ass destruction we'll be "playing" with:


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Views: 58 · Added: 23 hours ago

A few more vids up! Saw aaaagggghhhh again this month. Posted a clip of her being spanked and one of her spanking me. She's learning fast!!

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Views: 30 · Added: 1 days ago

I gave it a lot of thought, though being paddled by Nick humiliating in itself, no way I was going to be sexually humiliated. He can blister me until his arm is tired, but I get to wear a thong. So instead of my weekly with the ex, she watched. He used a Lexan with holes, and a big spencer with holes. His arm did not get tired, my butt was worn out. I'll take weekly discipline from him, and punishments too. But, I wear a thong, and only my ex, and his girlfriend get to watch. So once a week, it will be Nick using the paddles, BTW, I really do not like him. But Sue thinks it will be good for me, and everyone but me will enjoy it, "Who knows, you might learn to like it." i doubt that, time will tell.

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Ok so I thought i had received the worse Spanking like a Month ago But i was Wrong Today OMG I Had BEEN TOLD to Stop Smoking since February 1 So i did but last week i Smoked for a week, My Disciplinarian asked me about it yesterday why did i tell Him i GOT MY ASS TOE THE FUCK UP With a Bath brush. ASS STILL HOTTTTT!!!!!! LOL

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