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Well its official daddy's little girl has earn herself a severe spanking. Yes I broke daddy's rules and will not go into details on what happen, all that needs to be said is that I broke the rules and now I have to be punished for it. Yes daddy has spanked me a couple of times as you seen on my profile, but not a severe one. In RL I never had a severe spanking before, so this will be my first severe spanking. It will take place this Thursday afternoon. Daddy said he has to learn me. So I have to be a good little submissive and take what's coming to me. So I guess ill be a big girl and take my punishment. It will be a experience I wont forget that's for sure, I know daddy knows what's best for me and is only punishing me because he loves me. I just need to stop being hard headed and listen to daddy and obey the rules.

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I was set to start a new job working as a secretary, and personal assistant to one of the most powerful business men in our state. I knew I could do the job with my eyes closed, but throughout the entire interviewing process my soon to be boss had me on edge. It was unlike me to get so nervous; however, because of his dominant personality in his presence I felt like a child on their first day of school. In my opinion his manner was rather gruff, and his gaze held me like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. There was definitely something demanding, and extremely dominant in the vibes he gave off. Oh well it was a job. I’d be earning above average wages for a position such as this, which also happened to have an awesome benefit package. I’d be crazy not to take the job just because of that little worrisome voice in my head sending me a warning message. I’d have to get used to it, because if I hoped to ever finish my degree I needed the income to start rolling in quickly. I was set to start a new job working as a secretary, and personal assistant to one of the most powerful business men in our state. I knew I could do the job with my eyes closed, but throughout the entire interviewing process my soon to be boss had me on edge. It was unlike me to get so nervous; however, because of his dominant personality in his presence I felt like a child on their first day of school. In my opinion his manner was rather gruff, and his gaze held me like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. There was definitely something demanding, and extremely dominant in the vibes he gave off. Oh well it was a job. I’d be earning above average wages for a position such as this, which also happened to have an awesome benefit package. I’d be crazy not to take the job just because of that nagging worrisome voice in my head sending off warning bells. I’d have to get used to it, because if I hoped to ever finish my degree I needed the income to start rolling in quickly. I had the weekend to pull myself together, and shake off the uneasy feelings that had been creeping at the edges of my psyche. I planned to go shopping Saturday for some new office attire, and shopping Sunday for the pretty underneath clothes. Sunday's items were definitely not office attire, but I knew the lacy pretty bras, slips, thigh-high hose, garters, and panties would give me a little lift in the courage department. After all, I'd be one of the few women in a male dominated office, and building in general. Yikes!!
Monday morning came way too soon with all the running around I had done the previous weekend I felt unrested and unready to face my new boss. I didn’t get anything ready the night before, so it took quite some time for me to settle on the perfect outfit for my first day of work. I grabbed a cup of coffee, retrieved everything I’d need to dress myself underneath as well as one of the new outfits I had purchased, and then hit the shower. Dam I was running late on my first day! I had made a promise with myself never to do anything to earn one of my boss’s icy glares; subsequently, I had shivers running up my spine, fear tingling in my legs, and anxiety churning my stomach. I’d heard some rumors he was a member of some sort of discreet clubs, and held private parties at his home, which were connected to whatever his club memberships were about. It wasn’t my business anyway, and I really didn’t care what clubs he belonged to. It was probably one of those all male cigar clubs or something else of the sort; however, the one other woman I’d met in the office building had a very serious, frightened look on her face when she was gossiping to me about my new boss. It seemed like she was almost trying to warn me about something. Deep in thought I’d lost track of time while getting ready, and now I would arrive even later than I originally thought. What a terrible beginning to the start of a brand new job!
Traffic was terrible on the freeway, but I finally arrived, drove into the parking ramp to find the nearest possible spot to park, and wouldn’t you know it I ended up in the furthest spot still available for employees. I grabbed my briefcase, locked the car, and began running in my three inch spikey high-heeled shoes. Once on the elevator I fixed my make-up, ran my fingers through my hair, and prayed my boss would let me slide on being tardy this one time. I just couldn’t take his icy glare this morning I was already wound-up as tight as a spring.

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I finally made it into the office, set my things down on my desk, checked the calendar for the day, I was about to sit down and suddenly heard my boss yell my name. “Yes sir, may I help you with something?” “Ms. Brown, when I call your name you are to come into my office immediately.” “Do you understand me?” “Yes, I’m sorry.” “Yes what Ms. Brown?” “Ummm, yes sir?” “Good girl.” “Please get a note pad or recorder, come back, and take a seat Ms. Brown.” “I have some rules I need you to make note of, they are important, and it will definitely be to your benefit if you memorize each one of them, and follow them at all times without excuses.” “Today I’m going to let your tardiness pass.” “Know that this is only because I failed in my responsibilities to you and to our working relationship by not telling you these rules before I hired you.” “So Ms. Brown, if you feel you are unable to follow the rules I set forth for you feel free to let me know so I can begin looking for your replacement.” “Sir I’m sure I won’t have any problems with the rules you set for me while I’m working for you.” “Ms. Brown one should never say that before they know the rules, and the consequences for breaking said rule/s. Then suddenly my mouth and throat were as dry as the Sahara desert mid-summer. No matter how hard I tried I could not find my voice, and my mouth just kept opening and closing. My boss was actually chuckling deep in his chest trying to keep it low enough so I couldn’t hear him. He was LAUGHING at me! This….this…this man was incorrigible. The anger must have flashed across my face because right at that moment he actually smiled at me. “Oh Ms. Brown we do have a long way to go; however, I do believe I’m going to enjoy this journey with you like no other.” “Sir, I’m sure I have no idea what you are speaking of.” “No Ms. Brown you don’t, but I promise you that eventually you will understand very well.” “Now, we shall proceed to the business at hand Ms. Brown.” “I strongly recommend you write each and every one down Ms. Brown.”
“Rule number one: You will refer to me as Sir at all times, and are never to use my first or last name for any reason.” “The only exception will be when you are dealing with clients on the telephone, clients coming in for meetings, or when I need you as a personal assistant in the public arena.” “There are many occasions when I will need you with me when I meet clients for dinner, lunch, and the occasional munch.” “What is a munch Sir?” “It’s nothing for you to concern yourself with at this time Ms. Brown.” “Yes Sir.” “Consequences will be left up to my discretion Ms. Brown, but since you are new to the ummm, rules I will give you a warning first for most of the rules I set forth, but not all.” “Some broken rules will earn immediate, possibly severe consequences/punishment depending on the rule that’s been broken.” “Some are more important than others Ms. Brown, do you understand thus far?” “Yes Sir.” “Good girl.”
“Rule number two: You will arrive to work promptly at 7:45 a.m. to make my coffee, be prepared with my schedule immediately, and be well organized upon my arrival at 8 a.m.” “I will obviously compensate you for all hours worked.” “You will receive two warnings only if there is a good reason for your tardiness, such as a flat tire on the way to work; otherwise, you will only receive one warning before the rule is enforced by an appropriate consequence.” “Excuse me Sir, you keep referring to consequences, but I don’t understand what the consequences are.” “Would you fire me Sir for being late to work after one warning?” “No Ms. Brown, I will not fire you, and hopefully for your sake you will never have to receive a consequence for a broken rule, so let us not worry ourselves over consequences at this point in time.” “Yes Sir.” “Good girl.” What was it with him always calling me a good girl? It caused a stirring within me every time he said it, and at the same time woke-up the fury within the independent part of myself I worked hard to develop. I wasn’t able to figure this man out, nor did I understand my own constantly conflicting emotions.
“Rule number three: You will not disagree, argue, disrespect me, or any other MALE employee in this office.” “You will obey all requests from me; however, if they come from another MALE employee in this office, and if you think the request is wrong in some way you have permission to bring it to me first. If those types of situations arise, which I’m pretty darn sure they will, I will have the last word/command on the issue at hand.” “Do you understand rule number three Ms. Brown?” “Yes Sir, but…what if I don’t like/want to complete a task I’m asked..ummm commanded to do because it’s not part of my job?” “Then Ms. Brown, you are free to leave and seek other employment; of course without a recommendation from me or this company.” Good girls do what they are told, when they are told, and how to do them.” “Are we clear now Ms. Brown?” “Yes Sir!” “Do I sense an attitude Ms. Brown?” Because rule number four is about attitude, and we can start working on that right away if necessary.” “Is it necessary Ms. Brown?” “No.” “No what Ms. Brown?” “No Sir, I’m sorry Sir.” “Good girl Ms. Brown.”
“Rule number four: “When you enter this office you will leave all your problems at home.” “I expect you to enter each day with a smile on your face, a good attitude, with a mindset appropriate for completing your work in a timely, but correct manner.” “Yes Sir, I understand Sir.” “Well, good girl you answered before I had to ask.” “You may get the hang of this job and everything it entails after all.”
“Rule number five: “You will wear dresses or skirts, high heeled shoes, a slip, no excessive make-up, well done hair, nails, and that includes toe nails, and thigh-high hose with a garter belt lest the elastic fail and allows them to fall down.” “But Sir, how can you dictate what I’m to wear?” “Like I said Ms. Brown, if you feel you cannot comply please by all means collect your things and seek employment elsewhere.” “Yes, Sir I understand rules number one, two, three, and four Sir.” “Good girl, but I’m warning you now enough with the attitude, or you’ll find yourself across my knee, understand Ms. Brown?” All I could manage was a sputter, wide eyes, and finally “yes Sir.” Of course he had another good chuckle at my shocked reaction. Oh, the nerve of this man! I was not a child in need of a spanking; my parents never even spanked me. How dare him!

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There was a sudden commotion in the office, the door slammed open to my Bosses inner office, and a deep rumbling voice with a thick Russian accent was hollering, “What the hell do you think you are doing Thomas? “Up to your old tricks I see,” as he peered over my shoulder at the rules I’d been writing. “I apologize for Thomas’s rude behavior Ms. Brown, he’s done this before and I’ve warned him it would not be tolerated.” “Done what sir?” “Ms. Brown, what is your first name?” “Candice Sir, but my friends call me Candy.” “Well, Ms. Brown you can call me Maxim, short for Maximillian, may I call you Candy or Candice?” “Yes Sir, you may call me Candy it’s what I’m most used to.” “Ok Candy it is then.” “Look Candy there’s been a terrible miscarriage of justice here.” “Ignore the rules Thomas has told you about, and do not worry about losing your job over them.” I must have looked surprised that he knew all that had transpired because his face broke into the most beautiful grin I think I ever witnessed, even his eyes were smiling. “Yes Candy I know exactly what Thomas has been up to and he will be dealt with at a later time at club D. Thomas suddenly pushed back from his chair his face as white as a sheet. “Look Maximillian I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but surely this can be dealt with in house.” “No sir Thomas you’ve been warned far too many times about threatening new employees, and trying to PUSH them without consent. How do you think doing it your way will ever gain her trust, or the trust of all the other women you’ve done this to? “She would have learned to trust eventually Maxim.” “The hell she would he bellowed!” “Trust is earned by allowing her/them to consent to the lifestyle the people who work in this office and for this company live by.” “How could she consent with you threatening her job, setting forth rules with consequences she has no way of grasping at this point in time, and with you breathing down her neck like the big bully you are?” “You are fired Thomas, but not before you earn your just rewards from Dome Vixen at club D.” “You give all Dom’s a bad rep.” “Now clear your things out of this office now before I knock your teeth down your throat Thomas.” “I’ll be seeing you at the club tonight or you’ll be facing sexual harassment charges….your choice.” I had no idea what they were talking about, but I knew what a Dome, and a Dom was. The club Maxim spoke about must be one of the clubs that woman was gossiping to me about. Thomas packed his things and left quickly.
“Candy, I will be your boss from here on, and you have nothing to fear from me.” “I will always have your best interest at heart.” “I will mentor you, and slowly show you the inner workings of our little community.” “Then once you’ve seen, heard, and learned all there is to know here, it will be up to you if you wish to join with us or not.” “However, if you don’t wish to join our community in that manner you will still keep your job, and no hard feeling will be held against you.” “The only thing I will request of you is to sign a non-discloser form.” “Why a non-discloser form?” “It’s simply so we can maintain our anonymous nature from the general public.” “They tend to be judgmental of the lifestyles we’ve chosen to live.” This lifestyle I’m speaking to you about has been incorporated under an umbrella of several companies we own and run.” “The club I spoke to Thomas about is a BDSM club.” “I was so surprised I nearly fell out of my chair.” I had been reading up on some of what this lifestyle encompassed, and found myself feeling rather turned on by the whole thing. I don’t know how I could ever tell this gorgeous man in front of me how the research made me feel. He was just so handsome, I could see the well-built muscles ripple under his dress shirt, his jaw line looked to be chiseled in marble, with a perfect nose, eyes the color of chocolate with gold flecks in them, and he always appeared about to smile. I could barely allow him to hold my gaze, and shockingly felt my panties were damp. What was wrong with me? This had to be the oddest first day of work I’d ever experienced, and when I looked into his eyes he seemed to be reading my mind as he suppressed his smile.

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“Now Candy there is some serious business I need to discuss with you before we get back to our regular daily duties.” “Oh, what’s that Maxim?” “You are the offended party when it comes to Thomas so you have every right to witness his punishment at the club.” I can assure that you’ll be safe with me as your escort.” “Nothing you don’t want to happen will happen.” “You see I’m the owner of all 4 of the most exclusive private BDSM clubs in the state, and they all know me there obviously.” “Understand?” “Yes Maxim.” “Do you trust that I’ll have your best interest in mind…always?” “Yes Maxim I do trust that.” “I can send a car for you at around 8pm tomorrow night if you want to go, and at least check it out.” “We can leave before Thomas receives his punishment for his rakish behavior towards you, if that would make you more comfortable.” “I’d like to go Maxim, but I don’t want to witness any violence on Thomas.” “What does one wear to these ahhhh clubs?” “Wear whatever makes you comfortable little kitten, remember you’ll be with me.” I breathed a sigh of relief when all the papers were signed, and I was allowed to go back to my “normal” work day. I wouldn’t admit it, but I was deeply excited at the prospect of going with Maxim my sexy Russian boss on Friday night!
That deep voice surprised me out of the fantasy I had fallen into at my desk. I realized I had been holding my hands over my key board for 10 minutes without typing a single word. “Candy?” “Are you alright?” “Oh, yes Sir ummm I mean Maxim, I guess you caught me day dreaming.” “I’m sorry; I’ll get right to work on these proposals.” “No, worries Candy, (smiles) we all get caught up in a day dream now and then….if that’s what it was (wink).” I could feel my whole face turning hot, and I knew he could see I was blushing. He laughed that rumbling laugh of his, about to turn on his heel before remembering why he had come out to talk to his new little vixen kitten. “Candy, I came out to ask you…invite you to the company’s annual ball in two weeks.” “I’m ahhh unattached or single if you prefer, and would be honored if you accompanied me.” “I’m sure I have nothing to wear to a ball Maxim.” “As you know I’m trying to finish my degree, and I’ve never been to a ball before so I wouldn’t even know what to wear.” “What’s your dress and shoe size Candy?” “And, not to be rude but your bust size just for the lady I have that takes care of this sort of thing for me.” “A 38D Maxim,” I said with greater embarrassment. “Nothing to be embarrassed about kitten…I mean Candy.” “I’ll have it all taken care of if you agree to attend with me.” “I find you very appealing Candy and you’re extremely smart as well as an asset to my company.” “Ok, yes Maxim I will go.” He turned to walk back to his office and I caught a glimpse of his wide beautiful grin. Going to a ball! With the owner of a multibillion dollar company…forget the money the man was what had my stomach churning with excitement. How would I ever make it through the next 2 weeks? Just being in the same room with him made my heart beat faster, the smell of his cologne over his natural manly smell was intoxicating, and watching his well-muscled upper body ripple under his shirts. It looked like if he were to flex at all the buttons on his shirt would go flying all over the room. MMMMmmmm I couldn’t wait to get closer to him. I wanted to know more about him, what he liked, what he disliked, what he wanted in a woman, what he found attractive in me, what it would feel like to melt into his arms, and of course more about this lifestyle he spoke about. Back to work for now Candy, or you’ll never make it to the ball before you get yourself fired.
The next two weeks flew by surprisingly, I had grown quite fond of Maxim, and we had shared much of our past lives and families with each other. I was really excited about the ball this evening. Maxim said my gown, shoes, purse, and under things were to be delivered to my house this afternoon. I had gone through four fittings before the seamstress announced, “Perfection dear….simply perfection.” “You will look beautiful for the ball (smiling), and for Maxim.” I felt myself blush a deep crimson red. I didn’t realize I had become so transparent. I’d been nervously chattering away about the long conversations between Maxim and myself at the office, and during the several times he had taken me out to lunch. Ahhhh Cheri’ you’ve nothing to fear from me. I’ve worked for Maxim for several years I have the highest respect for him, and he trusts my discretion in all matters. I said, “Oh, so you make a lot of these gowns for the other women he’s had in his life?” No, Cheri’ you are the first he’s had a special gown made for, and such a special gown it is! Because of the color of your eyes he specifically asked to have emeralds decorate the entire bodice of the gown. My mouth must have fallen open, because she said, “I see you didn’t realize these were real gems then?” “No, and I cannot possibly wear or accept this gown now.” “It’s too much.” She calmed me down, and explained he had no one to spend his money on in this fashion, if he didn’t want to do it he wouldn’t have, because Maxim never did anything he didn’t want to do.” She said, “Cheri’ he must have very special feelings for you to invite you to such an important event, and make sure your beauty is displayed for all to see.” His attachments are usually let’s say short lived, and seem to lack the passion he’s obviously feeling for you Cheri’. Oh thank you so much for talking with me about all this. I feel better now, and ready to attend the ball. I’m so glad my mother forced me to take ballroom dancing along with all the dance classes I chose for myself. I guess she thought I may need them one day. Oh, but you’re such a beautiful young woman that any man would be lucky to have, so of course she knew you’d need to know how to dance around a ballroom floor one day. We parted ways with knowing smiles on our faces.

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Its been a while since I been active on here, hope all my spanko friends are well. Just wanted to say hi again,and get into the spankingtube world,

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Looking for that right female to put me over her knee

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After a lecture from my wife I felt my her reach down and pick up her short otk cane. I felt my wife tapping the cane on my sore bottom and dreaded how much it was going to hurt. Still in tears I pleaded with her not to spank me any more, but it did not help me one bit.
I am in charge here young man and I alone decide when you have been spanked enough my wife scolded. You deserve this spanking young man and you are going to get it, no matter how hard you cry, beg and plead. I warned you to behave yourself noumerous times, but you did not listen.
Now you will feel the consequense young man my wife said sternly.

A second later she lifted her right hand high and started spanking me again. It stung horribly much and I was crying hard after a couple of dozen spanks with my wifes cane.
I kicked my legs in agony and squirmed over my wifes leather clad knees to avoid the hard impact of her cane, but to no avail.
Held firmly in place over her knees my wife gave me a long hard blistering spanking on my bare bottom and I shrieked in pain and sobbed hard when she consentrated on my sitspots.
The cane was biting like crazy and I franticly begged and pleaded with my wife to stop spanking me.

Nothing helped and my strict wife determined to teach me a lesson continued to spank my bare bottom hard with her cane. I had given up fighting by now and layed limb over her leather clad knees sobbing like the naughty boy I was.
I finally felt my wife stop spanking me after what felt like an hour, but was only 5 minutes.
She put her cane back down on the floor and ran her hand over my sore and bright red bottom.
Now this is a well spanked bottom she said and patted my bottom with her hand.
I bet you will feel this spanking for days.
I just sobbed and nodded my head.

Well I guess it is time to finish your punishment spanking my wife said in a firm and stern voice. She reached down and picked the leather strap up making me beg and plead again through my tears.
You can beg and plead all you want young man, nothing is going to make me stop spanking you until I am sure that you will not behave like this again my wife scolded and gave me a couple of dozen hard spanks with her right hand.

You just keep quiet and take your well deserved spanking young man. All I want to hear from you the rest of the evening is yes Maam. Is that understood young man?
Yes Maam I answered and just sobbed.

My wife raised the leather strap high over my bare bottom and began spanking me with it. It covered both red hot cheeks and stung like a thousand bees had stung me.
Desperately wanting this to stop but being totally helpless, I could do absolutely nothing and just layed there over my wifes leather clad knees and bawled my eyes out, as she gave me the most serious spanking with the leather strap I have ever recieved.

It seemed like my wife would never stop spanking me and I was franticly blubbering when my punishment spanking finally stopped. My wife put the leather strap down and ran her hand over my sore, burning and swollen bottom.
I was crying so hard that I did not hear her say that my spanking was over. I just layed there sobbing over my wifes leather clad knees trying to regaine some composure and dignety.

After a couple of minutes my wife unlocked my hand restraints from the front leg of the chair she was sitting on and told me to get up. I raised myself from her knees and to my great embarrassment saw big staines of pre cum on her black leather pants, from where my erection had rubbed against during my spanking.

I stood in front of my wife crying like a naughty little boy and felt her unlock my hand restraints from my wrists. Now get yourself back in the corner right now my wife said sternly and patted my sore bottom. And keep your hands at your side until I give you permission to get out of the corner.
I will keep an eye on you young man and if you dare rub your bottom I will take you right back over my knees this instant my wife said sternly.

I obeyed my wife and placed myself in the corner, desperately wanting to rub the sting out of my bottom. I was crying the entire time in the corner, shifting from one foot to another trying to cool my red hot bottom. I did not dare touch my bottom and had to fight hard not to disobey my wife.
After 20 minutes in the corner my wife told me that I was allowed to go and clean my tear stained face and I saw the result of the punishment spanking she had given me.

Bright red, swollen, bruised and small broken blisters all over my bottom. Oh boy it stung and burned as I rubbed my bottom.

I walked into the diningroom again where my wife had gotten a jar of cold cream out and told me to get over her leather clad knees again, so she could apply it to my very sore bottom.
I as greatful to her for rubbing cold cream into my bottom and wrer let up again.
Now get a wet wipe and clean your pre cum staines from my leather pants young man my wife said making me blush with embarrassment.
I did as I was told and the discipline session was over.

For the rest of the evening I layed on my stomack and slept the same way all night. My bottom is extremely sore today and I have a hard time sitting anywhere.
It was the most severe spanking of my life and I know I deserved everything I got.

I must try better to behave myself and I know that in a week I will be back over my wifes knees for the first of my maintenance spankings. I try not to think about it and doubt that my bottom will be ready for another spanking so soon, but I have only myself to blame.

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Jenny watched a tad nervously as her co-workers packed up their stuff and started making their way out the door, eagerly chatting about their weekend plans. She rooted around in her desk, pretending to be looking for something, as she made sure the last one was finally gone. She glanced again at the email that sealed her fate.

We need to meet to discuss the Invoicing for Clemons Apartments. I expect you in my office at 5:15PM sharp.
Sam Hutchings, District Manager

Jenny shut down her computer, smoothed a small wrinkle out of her gray skirt and walked over to Mr. Hutchings large office at tthe end of the hall. She knocked timidly on the door, and was met with a mans low voice inviting her to come in. Mr. Hutchings sat as his desk, his blue eyes looking her over as she entered. He was about 40, muscular, with sandy blonde hair and (Jenny secretly thought) and very handsome smile. When he was smiling....which at the moment, he was not.

He pushed himself back from his chair and stood as the 26 year old beauty entered the room, and offered him a soft hello. He gestured toward a chair, and she sat down brushing a strand of brown hair which had escaped from her ponytail, behind her ear. Her pretty hazel looked up at him as he held up the now infamous invoice. He handed it to her simply saying, "Explain."

She glanced down at the series of numbers in front of her and easily found the mistake. "I only billed for half the amount you asked me to." she nearly whispered. He clasped his hands behind his back and stepped back. She took the cue and stood up. She took a step to the side and began to unbutton her blouse as he moved the chair to the middle of the room. She took off her shirt, letting her lacy bra come into view before she turned, folded her shirt and placed it onto his desk. She stepped out of her heels and scooted them under her desk.

Jenny turned and faced him, her arms at her sides, in just her bra and skirt. He was already sitting down, his face unreadible as he motioned her to stand at his side. She stood at his right side, and went over his knee in one practiced, un-argued, un-protested action.

He put his left arm around her waist, locking her in, and raised his arm high. He brought it down firmly, his large palm creating a slightly muffled but resounding crack on her skirt covered bottom. He brought it down this way, 10 more times until she let out a small squeel. He paused, and lifted her skirt, and slowly pulled down her panties. Jenny wiggled a bit, earning her a small smack to her now bare derriere. Sam gazed down in satisfaction at her her two perfect globes, which now glowed a faint shade of pink. He rubbed her soft mounds, and begen to softly, yet firmly lecture her about paying attention to her job. At every bullet point in his lecture he would give her five hard spanks to her quickly reddening bottom.

Jenny quietly listened to his speech as she stared at the carpet in his office. Whenever he ended a point, she would hold her breath letting it out in loud gasps as he spanked each cheek and even her thighs as he drove each lesson home. He paused, as he pulled her panties off, and she spread her legs knowing what he expected. She arched her back, and he began lightly spanking her inner thighs, the sting quickly turning into a low burn. She squeeled with each and every smack and he gave her a few small spanks to her pussy, earning him the higher-pitched squeels he found absolutely endearing.
He suddenly stopped, and told her to stand. She stood, and took a couple of shaky steps back and he caught her by the shoulders to keep her from falling. He then pointed to his desk, and she walked over to it, taking off her bra. She let her breasts fall and, blushing a bit, she opened the bottom drawer of his desk and took out a long thick paddle with holes. She handed it to him, and stood back, waiting for his direction. He admired her for a bit before saying, "Bend over my desk, legs spread wide."

She turned and bent over his desk, her bare breasts shivering against the cold wood. She reached over to the other side and grasped the end. She spread her legs as wide she could, giving him a near perfect bottom to paddle. She closed her eyes tightly as he measured the paddle against her trembling buttocks. Before she knew it, she heard a loud crack followed by a burning pain. She cried out as the paddle returned, sharper then before, and then a third time. She wiggled her bottom, and was rewarded with a smack to her thigh and then one to the other, I guess to even things out she vaguely remembered thinking, until the only thing she could think about was her firery bottom.

Sam was enjoying her wiggling, and how quickly her bottom went from pink to red. He was "painting" her bottom, making sure the paddle touched every pale white spot until the bottoms of her thighs and the top of her bottom was the same bright red hue, and Jenny was crying quietly. He rubbed her bottom for a sec, before leading her to a corner to compose herself. Jenny tried to catch her breath, and wiped away her tears as she stood, nude, in the corner. After what seemed like forever he turned her around and gave her a long hug. Jenny returned it, pressing her naked body against chest, and felt the smoothness of her tie against her breasts. She then began to slowly and painfully get dressed. Her skirt felt rough against her bruised bottom and the panties were a torture device. She began to walk out of his office.

"Hey Jenny!" Sam called out, and she turned. He held out the invoice they had discussed so thoroughly earlier. "Please shred this before someone thinks this is real!" They both grinned at each other, their eyes twinkling as she left the office, making sure to shred the invoice before she left.

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Hi I'm back after a few years away from here lol. I am looking firstly for like minded people but also maybe a virtual spanking friend or real life spanking friend
I can both give and receive thou I do prefer to receive a spanking
I'm not a mmasochist but I do like to feel a spanking lol
I've brought a new spanking machine that can be controlled over the Internet so if anyone is interested in playing please message me


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Last night my wife finally decided it was time to adress my behavior over the past couple of months. I have been waiting for her to give me a well deserved punishment spanking for a while now and was a little surprised that it was going to happen last night.

My wife turned of the tv and told me that we had to have a serious talk and had a very stern look on her face. I instantly knew it was time for me to pay the price for being disrespectful, rude, disobedient and acting like a spoiled naughty little boy.
I looked at my wife as she started telling me what she expected of me and scolding me for the way I had behaved. She was not letting me get a word in and the scolding really burned my ears.

I have had it with your behavior my wife scolded. You are a grown man, but you behave like a naughty 10 year old and I am NOT going to let this continue any longer.
I am going to make sure that your behavoir changes from now on young man and you will have a sore and stinging bottom every time you misbehave my wife scolded.

You have been a very naughty young man for way to long and tonight I am going to teach you a good lesson in how to behave yourself my wife said and walked over to the dining table.
She spun a dining chair out from the table and placed it in the center of our diningroom.
I swallowed and looked at my strict wife with a nervous feeling in my stomack.

I am going to give you the spanking of your life tonight and for the next 3 months you will be over my knees getting your bare bottom spanked hard once a week.
You can call it a maintenance spanking if you like.
I looked in disbelieve at my wife, but she looked very serious and determined, so I knew that she had made up her mind and nothing was going to change it.

During the week I will keep an eye on you and note every naughty, disrespectful, rude, disobedient and spoiled behavior from you.
Every friday evening I am going adress this with you right here on this chair.
If there are nothing noted you will recieve a maintenance spanking, but if anything are noted I will give you a punishment spanking instead.
Is that understood young man my wife said in a very stern voice.
Yea Maam I said obediently and bowed my head in shame.

Good, now get up and go and stand in the corner with your hands on your head my wife said. I obeyed her at once and stood there with my nose against the walls feeling a bit scared and excited at the same time.
Now you can stand there and think about the hard spanking I am going to give you in 10 minutes and how you are going to behave in the future to avoid further punishment spankings.

Wow I thought, I had never seen my wife this strict and stern before and even though I knew it was going to hurt and sting, all I wanted was to be over her knees getting my well deserved punishment spanking.

My wife went in to the bedroom to change har clothes and let me stand in the corner with my hands on my head for 10 minutes before comming out. I heard her high heels on the wooden floor as she waæked over to the dining chair and sat down.

I waited patiently for her to call me to the chair and felt a sence of dread in me when she finally did. Get your naughty bottom over here young man she said sternly.
I turned around and there on the chair was my strict wife looking sooo hot and sexy in her tight black leather pants, high heeled ankle boots, and a grey low cut blouse.
If I was excited standing in the corner, it was nothing compared to how I felt looking at her holding the wooden bathbrush in her right hand.

I walked over to my wife and stood before her. I noticed her short otk cane was on the floor beside har along with her dreaded leather strap and my hand restraints. I gulped at the sight and knew this was going to hurt and that my wife was going to teach me a long hard lesson over her knees.
I was not going to enjoy this for long I thought and boy was I right.

Now put your hands on your head while I prepare you for your spanking my wife said and put the bathbrush in her leather clad lap. I obeyed her while blushing deep red with shame and embarrassment as my wife unbottoned my jeans. She pulled them down to my ankles and by now my erection was very obvious.
My wife hooked her fingertips into the elastic waistband of my underwear and to my great embarrassment pulled them down to my ankles revealing my throbing erection.

I was so excited that pre cum was dripping on the floor and sooo embarrassed at the same time that I was unable to hide it from my wife.
I do not know why I still get embarrassed over this, because I have never been able to hide my excitement before a spanking over my wifes knees, but it always causes my face to blush deep red every time.

My wife picked up the hand restraints and locked them to my wrists in front of me and looked sternly at me.
Stand here on my right side she said and guided me there.
You are going to be a very sorry young man by the time I finish spanking you tonight and I guarantee that tears will be streaming down your cheeks and you will do your very best to avoid a repeat of this punishment spanking my wife said sternly.
Do you understand young man?
Yes Maam I whispered and felt very small and embarrassed.

Good then let this be a lesson to you my wife said and picked up the wooden bathbrush. She straightend up on the chair causing her tight black leather pants to swish and squeek.
Positioned in the perfect position to give me a long hard spanking over her knees, my wife smacked the bathbrush against the palm of her left hand and was ready to punish me.

Over my knees young man she said sternly.

Obediently I placed myself over my wifes leather clad knees, feeling how my erection was digging into my wifes left thigh. She ajusted my position over her knees so my erection was rubbing against the top of her left thigh and the sensation of her soft leather pants against my rock hard erection was heaven to me.

My wife then secured my hand restraints around the front leg of the chair, rendering me totally helpless to prevent her from giving me the punishment spanking I so truely deserved.

I felt the cool hard surface of the wooden bathbrush on my bare bottom and felt my wife getting a firm grip on my hip with her left hand.
Oh boy here we go I thought and just then my wife raised her right hand with the bathbrush and started spanking me.

I heard a swush and a loud smack, before I felt my right cheek explode in pain and lost my breath. Before I could catch my breath again my wife spanked the left cheek just as hard causing me to twist and squirm over her leather clad knees. She firmly held me in place over her knees
Quickly my wife settled into a steady rythm of hard spanks and they stung like crazy.

I tried my best to take my punishment spanking like a man, but my wife is a very skilled and experienced spanker, so within a couple of minutes I was in real agony and any excitement I felt before was long gone.
I was pleading, begging and promising all sort of things to get my wife to stop spanking me or not spank as hard as she did, but nothing steared her of the task of giving me my well deserved punishment spanking.

Held firmly in place over my wifes leather clad knees, I could do nothing but lay there and take my spanking the best way I could and it was not a pretty sight.
Within 2 minutes my wife had caused tears to form in my eyes and even though I fought hard to keep them from falling, it was a loosing battle.
Alterning from one cheek to another consentrating on my sitspots eventually caused me to give up fighting and I felt big salty tears streaming down my cheeks.

It sounds like I am getting through to you young man my wife said sternly, but I am not nearly done spanking you yet. I promised you that I was going to give you the spanking of your life and I intend to do just that.
You just think about how much this hurts and stings young man and how you will do anything to keep this from happening again my wife scolded and kept spanking my bare bottom with the bathbrush.
All I could do was cry and cry as my wife methodicly spanked my bare bottom bright red.

After 10 minutes of non stop spanking over my wifes knees I was beyond crying. I layed limb over her leather clad knees and was sobbing like a naughty little boy.
My wife put the bathbrush down and gave me a short lecture about the consequenses of naughty behavior while I tried to stop sobbing.

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I guess it started about the age of ten, I use to have a babysitter who lived in what appeared to be a haunted house. The house wasn’t really hunted but it sat on a hill and it was definitely creepy, kind of like the house Norman lived in from the bates motel. The lady who babysat us was obese and smelled like dead cod. The floors squeaked when she got up to go in the kitchen, which was often, by the looks of her.

My sisters and I called her nanna, don’t ask me why, I was too young to remember why. She had a gay son name Billy who came out his room once in a while to draw. In his room he had several posters of the rock band kiss, and I didn’t know much about the gay lifestyle back then, but being the adult woman I am today, I’m pretty sure he was gay. Doesn’t really have much relevance to this story, but this is what I was surrounded by.

I guess it was hard to find sitters back in the day, because I feel my parents were kind of bogus, leaving us there because this lady reeked! Anyway there was another little girl that had to suffer from the smell at that house too, and her name was Amy. She was bi-racial like myself, except she was black and white. She was light skinned with nappy ass hair lol. Most of the time we played house, and I was always the mother, and when she disobeyed I would always spank her over my knee with a wooden hairbrush. She allowed me too and I really handed it to her! I’m surprised her mom never saw her red bottom!

I didn’t really know why I liked spanking but I just did, and who knew that this lifestyle would follow me the rest of my life! It laid dormant in my soul till I reached the tender age of 18. I was in a relationship, and I always had a fascination for a sexy round bottom, boy or girl didn’t really matter. Being homeless at age 13 and growing up in the streets, I was a bit aggressive by the time I reached 18 years old, and not afraid to explore my kinks, and looking at sexy bottoms was one of them.

Anyway I was in a relationship with a guy that had a very sexy bottom, and one day I was giving him a back massage while he laid on my lap. While rubbing his back, my hands began to wonder lower and lower to the curve of his backside…. his arse…. man he had a shapely round brown bottom! That evening I helped him discover more about his self he probably didnt know. I couldn’t believe how much this shit turned me on! Just rubbing my hands on his ass lol, anyway I began rubbing his bottom and squeezing it, then just out the blue the desire hit me again, and I smacked his ass real hard! He squirmed a lil bit then I smacked it again and again and again!

We never really talked much about it after that day, but whenever he did something I didn’t approve of I would spank his ass. That was the agreement. I didn’t really know there was name for this lifestyle I was living at age 18, but it never left. As I got older I began to seek out and explore the internet to find more people like me, and any material that had to do with spanking. I found a lot of free reading material and just reading about it really excited me.

I didn’t understand fully yet, but one day it would all be really clear. So there my journey started! I spanked a few more guys later on in life but still didn’t know I was a top or disciplinarian, titles and stuff didn’t come until much later in my life. At age 19 I was a stripper and this white girl name ivory who danced with me told me she liked for her boyfriends to spank her. I’m thinking why is she telling me this, it really was weird to me because she didn’t know anything about me, but I asked her if she had ever been spanked by a woman, and she said no.

I then invited her across my knee, and she humbly laid across my lap and I spanked her for about ten minutes! We became closer friends and every time we worked together I spanked her. After further research into my longtime kink I found the term switch. It was then I found some form of identity for myself. SWITCH!

So I browsed spanking sites and lurked around talked to some people, and mingled around a few different spanking sites, and got a lot of messages from men that wanted to spank me. I was like very entertained by this, because I never had really been on the other end before except 1 time when I was 15 and didn’t really understand why my bf spanked me for staying out so late, I thought he was crazy. As an adult woman I had not been spanked by a man until I reached the tender age of 40. It was a totally different feeling, to relinquish all control to someone else, but having been on my own since age 13, I had to control my life, and to have someone else take control actually felt good. It made me feel submissive and cared for. I may have had some daddy issues because my dad was not around after I reached the age of three, because my mom left him because he was an abusive asshole. Then my stepdad molested me from age 10-13 then I left home and was homeless for 2 years.

I had to learn how to survive at a very young age, and someone else being in control was a big change for me. The top in me never really left just sat on the backburner for a while till I came on st, and spanked two more females, la-la and dd4life. I was in a dd relationship, but was still a disciplinarian, and I got to explore that more when I came to st who knew I would start traveling to other cities to spank other people, I guess it was destined to happen. Lately I have been spankee, because that’s just where I’m at in my life right now.

Honestly as an adult woman, I truly love being a sub. Sure when I first started it was challenging because I had a hard time with authority, but I came around, and if I fight authority it’s not because I’m a switch it’s because the spankers approach is wrong, or I don’t agree with the reason for me being punished, and if it’s wrong it isn’t going on…point blank period! If I don’t feel loved or at the least cared for, I’m not going to consent to the punishment. Anyway right now I don’t have a disciplinarian or Daddy anymore and I have had a lot of offers but it’s really hard to start a new, I have serious trust issues.

I am at work right now and just wanted to share my thoughts with my spanko friends. If you are reading this and judging me screw you! Im too old to give a fuck what anyone thinks about me, most people assume anyway asses! I am a spanko, I am a switch, a sub, a top, a lil girl, a brat, a good woman, I am me! And I’m not going to change that for anyone, but I do plan on sharing my lifestyle with someone who loves it just as much as I do! And understands it’s not about double standards and convenience or for attention! It’s about domestic discipline and this is the lifestyle I will live 4 ever! Most of the people in my life down to my own children know I’m a spanko, it’s really not a secret, nor am I ashamed of it.

It is what it is, and will always be!!!!! Fake vanillas may judge me, but do I care? Hell to the naw naw naw!

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I was so proud of myself for being good for the whole trip, that I obviously let myself forgot about everything once we were home, big mistake, I forgot to hold my tongue and really spouted off several times and all about stupid things why I have no idea, but I am going to be much more careful now, I of course got punished, but now that he has that stupid evil bath brush it was much worse than usual,I was relieved when he just put me over his knee and used his hand which is bad enough, but then he caught me off guard when the bath brush came down, and he definitely knows how to use that thing. It actually hurt to sit for 3 days.I really need to connect my mouth to my brain if I want to sit comfortably in the future.
Or maybe I can burn the bath brush (insert evil laugh here).

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My wife told me about her friend dawn from work and her boyfriend mike she explained that they were into kinky sex that dawn made mike wear girls cloths and she was his mistress that she spanked him as well as other things Joyce and I had finished a bottle and a half of wine so when she suggested we try it I agreed I couldn't believe that I got turned on as I put on Joyce's Lacey pink pantys bra pantyhose blouse and skirt she admitted she was turned on too she took off every thing but her pantys then got her big hair brush she put me over her knee and lifted my skirt and brought the brush down hard on my ass I am still embarrissed that I liked it she gave me 10 wacks with the brush then pulled my pantys down she put some lube on her vibrator and slowly slid it in my bottom then took her belt and I screamed as she gave me 20 lashes with it It became a regular thing then her friend dawn invited us to there house at the lake for a weekend Joyce bought me a few outfits,panties,and nighties Mike was as embarrissed as I was when we both had to dress as girls for them we were both spanked by both of them and they made us suck eachothers cocks but the worst was when they made us fuck eachother When that weekend was over Joyce threw out all my old undies and filled my dresser with girls pantys that's all I wear now 24/7 I'd love to chat with another guy like me let me know if your interested

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It's so hard to really find the right person when you have the need to live this lifestyle of spanking or harder core impact play. Just when you think you've met someone of substance the rug is pulled from beneath your feet. I find myself grieving today for the love I lost 2 years ago due to diabetes. He fulfilled so much in my life, my heart, my soul. He was my best friend, and frankly I'm just plain lonely. It would be nice just to go on a date with a little spanking fun after we got to know each other a little better. Alas, it escapes my grasp. I'm smart, talented, compassionate, loving, and fight for the underdog every chance I get. I stand up for what I believe in regardless if I'm standing alone. But, it seems most of these guys don't care about your insides, your character, your struggles, your joys, your sorrows, or your goals. They do care about your panties and how to get them off though. Sad, I'm just feeling so sad, and more down than I have in quite some time. Can't seem to shake it. I'm usually such a positive person, but lately I feel like a piece of prime rib on display at the supper market that no one wants because I may cost them too much. They may actually have to feel something other than their primal urges.

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Hey everyone! I have just up loaded my video. I have tried to do it so many times. Hopefully ST will let it through this time. If not please ask them to do so. I cant wait to me my new Micheals. I am ready to spank some more ass.

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I'm looking to correspond with a strong woman who likes to give hard spankings. Please drop me a note if the idea of a new naughty pen-pal interests you.

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I'm available in Glasgow most days apart from Sundays by appointment only. You can find out more about me on my site.

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I had to have twenty strokes of the crop across my bottom earlier. Luckily, I was allowed to keep my panties on. But the crop really does hurt. Twenty strokes across my bottom and those little panties were absolutely no protection. Aw!

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Sissy schoolgirl Shelly bought a new bed with a lovely brass headboard, so naturally I tied her to it and caned her bottom good and hard.
She was severely marked and the sight of her red striped bottom gave me such a hard cock that the only thing I could do was to fuck her for a very long time.
What a good girl she is.

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