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C’mon, admit it. You know you like it when you post a blog, photo or video and someone leaves you a favorable comment. Your eyes perceive a recognizable pattern in a coded design of squiggly lines on the screen. Your brain interprets the encoded meaning, and a corresponding release of dopamine activates the pleasure centers of your brain. You feel a surge of satisfaction. Aaaaahhh. It’s not as intense as a shot of liquor or a good spanking, but still, it’s nice.

After you’ve done this a time or two, you start to start to look for it. You post more stuff and you anticipate the email notifications. You check your phone and your computer more and more frequently. You hunger for more stars, more ratings, more compliments. It becomes a craving. Some might even say it’s an addiction.

People have learned a lot about brain function in recent years. We know now that our experiences alter the neural networks that comprise our brains. Neural pathways form in response to various stimuli, setting our wants, needs and expectation into a sort of physiological form. That’s how the very process of learning works. It’s nothing new. Our brains have always worked this way, but we’re beginning to understand it better.

Internet addiction is now a “thing” in psychological terms. But then, almost everything is subject to that label nowadays. People talk about sex addiction and porn addiction, and to make their case they allude to people who require ever more graphic depictions and more extreme sexual acts in order to be aroused. Search the net, and you’ll find stories of teenagers committing suicide because their parents took their Facebook away.

There’s a measure of veracity here because we’ve all experienced this, though most likely to a lesser degree. Take away our internet, and we feel adrift. We want it. We crave it. We need it. But is it really an addiction? It’s not a chemical addiction, like cigarettes or heroin, but it might well be more than a mere desire or compulsion. It might be an addiction if you can’t control it, and if it yields negative consequences in your life.

In the summer of 2014, I decided to use my time off from school to assemble a book of poetry to publish on CreateSpace. However, I’ve frittered away enough summers to know that I’d need strong measures to help me manage my time. One of those was to delete my Spanking Tube account, thus removing the temptation to piddle away endless hours posting blogs and chatting with friends. This place draws me for some reason. It’s incredible how much time I can waste here.

Some things about this site beguile me for reasons I don’t understand. One is Popularity Points. Like I give a shit. I don’t. But no, wait…every time I accept a friend request, my number goes up. I think it just tweaks the pleasure center in my brain. I know I’ll never win a popularity contest, and I don’t care to try, but watching that number go up tickles me for some reason. I hate to even admit it.

And then…star ratings. First of all, I hate the idea of rating individual members this way. It’s one thing to rate their photos and videos, but to rate them as people? That just sucks. We shouldn’t be doing that to one another, IMO. And yet…

Oh, god, this hurts to admit, but if I don’t like someone, what’s the first thing I do? I give them a one-star on their profile, of course. Shit. I really think I should be above that.

But rating a video? I think that’s okay. You can’t tell much from the thumbnail and a title, so the rating might give you a clue as to whether or not you want to bother watching it. Unfortunately, people don’t use the rating system in an honest way. And I have empirical evidence to suggest that to be so.

Recently, I posted a video entitled “AikiCarol gets a stappin’.” For some reason, the video didn’t show up on the new video feed. It only appeared on my page. I don’t know why. Maybe I tagged it wrong. But as a result, the only people likely to view it were people who went to my page specifically, which is borne out by the fact that the number of views was significantly lower than other new videos. The rating on this video stands at three stars.

A few days later, AikiCarol just happened to ask me if we could post the videos that we’ve done together on her page as well. So we did. There were five videos total, including “AikiCarol gets a strappin’.” They all showed up on the new videos tab, and the strappin’ video on AikiCarol’s page—the very same video as on my page—now stands at four and a half.

The take away is obvious. The people downrating my video weren’t evaluating the video, they were rating me. And the people rating the one on Carol’s page—maybe they were rating Carol, and she definitely has a nicer ass than I do.

Here’s the thing. I really don’t care. I majored in photography, and my coursework included motion picture photography. I know what it would take to produce a quality video. But I haven’t done photography professionally since 1984. When I bought my little Sony video camera a few years ago to make Youtube videos, I decided beforehand that I didn’t care about the technical quality of the videos. I just wanted to have fun. And that’s what I do with the Spanking Tube videos as well. I’m not trying to make a production. I’m just playing.

And about those people who rate me down because they don’t like me—you can take this one to the bank, boys and girls—I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass. I know I’m a bit trollish and sarcastic at times. I’ve probably earned their contempt quite honestly.

And, hey, if clicking on that one-star gives them a little shot of dopamine, maybe I’m leaving the world a happier place, and that’s a good thing, right?

Feel free to put a few sarcastic squiggles in the comment box. Then I’ll get the email notifications and a few hits of dopamine myself. I’d really appreciate that.

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Baby got those thighs like thunder
Long legs, long hair
Skin like summer
Desire in her eyes
Gonna pull you under
Baby got those thighs like thunder

Baby got that face like Hello
All those curves
You forget where to go
Makes your heart stop
Makes you lose control
Baby got that face like Hello

Baby got that smile like sunshine
Laughter full of helium
It'll make you high
And a little girl heart
You better take your time
Baby got that smile like sunshine

Baby got that fire for discipline
When she needs it
You know where to lay that hand
She loves it, hates it
Always takes it in the end
Baby got that fire for discipline

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...sorority girls. stop by and check it out

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I went to the supermarket today , and I was there for literally 5 minutes.
When I came out there was a cop writing a parking ticket.
So I went up to him and said, "Come on, buddy, how about giving a gal a break?"
He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. So I called him a pencil-necked Dick headed cop. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for worn tires!

So I then asked him if his psychiatrist makes him lie face down on the couch cause he's so ugly.
He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket!

This went on until he had placed 5 tickets on the winshield... the more I insulted him, the more tickets he wrote. I didn't care. My car was parked around the corner

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Yesterday my sister that lives in Texas was promoted to master Sergent for the US air force.

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So I have been thinking a little bit today! What i am thinking about is Doms! I know doms are supposed to be helping you and disciplining to stay inline and that's a good thing!but my question is "How far out of your comfort zone should they be able to push you? Without you respectfully saying your uncomfortable with it?My next question would you let someone act like your dom to see if things work between you guys without actually being your dom? What if the things they are asking you to do you feel is simple to please them only?I guess I am kinda looking for some good input on this subject ..these are all serious questions!

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What do we think about under garments?

BTW I am a spankee NOT a spanker,think some guys out there are getting a bit confused. As far as my self spanking is concerned I am afraid it done nothing for me. There is nothing like the scolding and be placed over the knee or over the back of a chair while been scolded and allowing the excitement to build up,the slight quiver I get down my spine and feeling my legs turn a little faint.Then the scolding stops and someone takes up position and lands that first smack on my bum. I do really miss my Sir. We talk on the phone,but obviously it is not the same. I think when I get together with him at the end of June I am going to faint with the excitement.

Saw a really hot guy today,he sat opposite me having a coffee. He smiled and I smiled back,before we started talking his boyfriend arrived;didn't see that coming, still he was really good looking. That hairbrush is really inviting...what shall a girl do? No..must be strong!!!

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Hi everyone - I've been getting very frustrated of late - No Spankings! :-( but I have now arranged for a short, but quite intensive session tomorrow morning (It is NOT a punishment, just pure S & M Fun, and "Stress Relief")

The lady has lots of ideas for a variety of Painfully Fun things to do to me - But I will have no idea what, till she actually starts!

As a Masochist, I am thoroughly looking forward to it - I doubt if there will be video, but there should be photos - Anyone interested - "Watch this Space"!

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One day a tramp was resting on a park bench when he became aware of a strange hissing noise emanating from behind a large bush.

“Pssssst” it went. “Over here – yes you!”

Intrigued the tramp went to investigate. Upon rounding the bush he was bemused to find a man in a grey uniform and wearing a peeked cap which bore the legend “Zoo” upon it.

“Yes?” asked the tramp warily.

“Would you like to earn yourself a few pounds and have a warm comfortable roof over your head tonight, plus two regular meals a day?” asked the man, looking around conspiratorially.

The tramp weighed his options.

“Might do.” He replied warily. “What’s the proposition?”

“Well,” says the man. “I work at the zoo and we have a small problem. Our gorilla has just died and we need a replacement. He’s a great favourite with the kids and we need somebody to fill in for a few weeks whilst we source a new one from Africa. These things take time and we are losing customers.

“All we need in the meantime is for somebody to wear a gorilla suit and prance around the cage. It’s £3 a day, plus meals, plus you get to eat all the bananas and food that the visitors throw to you. That’s it. What do you say?”

The tramp looks a bit dubious, but the man appears to be genuine enough so he says “okay” and before you know it he is dressed in this gorilla costume and thrust out into the cage in front of the delighted audience.

“Hooray!” Yell all the kids, throwing nuts and bananas to him from all directions.

Well – to cut a long story short – this goes on for a few days and as time passes the tramp begins to discover his theatrical side and starts to play to the gallery. He climbs trees, waves to the crowd, and does all sorts of things that furry primates in zoos are want to do (!). In no time at all he has the visitors cheering and waving enthusiastically.

But – perhaps inevitably – he over-reaches himself when he tries out the swing. Back and forth he goes, higher and higher, faster and faster until, suddenly , he loses his grip and goes flying out of his own cage and lands in the one next door.

Fortunately, he is unharmed, but when he gets up and dusts himself off, what should be padding towards him but a very fierce looking lion.

“Help! HELP!” yells the gorilla at the top of his voice, desperately shaking the bars of the cage in a vain attempt to escape.

The lion comes up and grabs him by the throat.

“Shut up you bloody fool!” he snarls. “You will get us ALL fired!”

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Tempest trembled, as Dylan cuffed her to the bench. Her head was much lower, than her pelvis. A mirror in front of her,allowed her to see Dylan but did not allow her to see,what he was doing at the back of the bench, to her very vulnerable, red bottom. She could see the reflected colors of her plug in the glass, flashing. She was filled with anxiety and excitement. The whole point of the plugs, was perhaps, about to come to fruition. He would place the larger plug in her bum, then he would try to penetrate her annally, with his cock. He was very large and the thought both scared and aroused her. She could feel how wet she was from all this activity, the whipping, the graduating size of the plugs, even his stern scolding, made her heart beat faster. Was that normal? She wondered, but had no one to ask.

Dylan approached her beautiful, waiting behind. He was filled with anticipation, hard with desire.
Her ass was fifty shades of red and purple, even showing the deeper tones, of black. The bruising was quite striking, and Dylan thought it beguiling. It was evidence of their intimacy, painted with leather on her snowy flesh, so alluring, He had to will himself to be calm. He turned the colorful globe, which in turn, twisted the plug in her butt. Tempest tried to squirm, but was really only able to move, just slightly, under the tight restraints.

“I'm just going to loosen this plug, by moving it around, Tempest. I'm going to use a lot of lubricant. I want you to close your eyes and feel as your asshole is filled and emptied. I don't think it will be too painful. You are used to this size and I'm going to rub your clit, just a little, to enhance the feeling. You will describe to me, the sensations, as we go. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Dylan., I mean Sir.” Her eyes were big with fear. She could not quiet her anxiety. He could see, she couldn't relax, so he took his tie from the dresser and used it as a blindfold. She protested, beginning another tearful plea.

“Shush, now. I want you to feel, not look. I'll be gentle, sweetie.” Dylan comforted her, with kisses and sweet words.

Dylan approached her, stroking her beautiful, hot bottom. His left thumb, began rolling across her hard little knob, as he pulled the plug out, with his right hand. He exposed enough, to add jelly to the plug, and then returned it, to its warm, tight, little nest. He pushed it in and held it firmly, with some real pressure, wiggling it around by the round handle. “Tell me, baby, how does it feel?

Tempest answered softly, “I feel full, and mmm, so tingly, I want to move my hips. The pressure on my clit is amazing. Oh, Dylan….”

“Very good, baby. I'm going to ream you out with it.” He pushed and pulled and ground it into her bottom. Now, He just tapped on her clitty, making her want more. “Tell me, Tempest, does it excite you, make you hot?”

Oh, y- yes”, her voice was throaty and. breathy.

Her excitement was building. Dylan had the next plug prepared, and as she stuck out her butt, He replaced the old one, and drove in the new. This one was bigger,all around and longer. He met some resistance, but rubbed her until he saw her back arch, then pushed, and she cried, but took it slowly, little by little, up her pretty ass.

Now, Dylan was very happy to see the shiny, metallic, bulb disappear, up her rabbit hole, as he knew, she was now, capable of taking his cock. He just wanted to stretch and lubricate with this one. He gave her long, deep strokes of this dildo, plug. Her hips rolled, and she was almost ready to cum. He removed it and greased up his big, hard dick. He entered her in increments, enjoying the sight of it, being swallowed up, by her hole. Her sphincters squeezed his cock like a rubber band. He smacked her throbbing cheeks, and told her to Push! Push Hard!

Tempest wanted it, this time. Her breath was fast. She was tingling, like electricity was coursing through her body. She had no control. His cock felt so much better, than the unyielding plug, She pushed as hard as she could, and his hardness filled her to capacity.She was utterly, HIS. She moaned and shuddered, in abandon, as a wave of pleasure washed over her. At the first stroke and rub of her pussy, she was gone, over the edge, convulsing with pleasure and pain, exhaustion and excitement. Her body walked a tightrope, above the abyss and she let go, toppling into the pit, consumed by fire and ecstasy.

*** Sorry, it was so short... Bad day yesterday. I'll make it up with the next one. Xo❤

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Oh dear, you've lost count.....we'll just have to start all over again ....

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"Now come on, I think you need to wash your bottom, the toys need a wash, then you can come and have some fun." He told me, taking my gag off, I headed to the bathroom. It took a lot of washing to clean most of the blood away and wash the CPS and cane. I did most of my bum but decided I needed a shower to get myself really clean.
Heading back to the bedroom, Master told me to get up on the bed, head down again, but he wanted my bottom facing him. He squirted lube on my butt hole then inserted a new toy. This was a black dildo that pumped up or down, depending what size you wanted. It was good for stretching me. He inserted it into my bottom, and started pumping it up. I felt myself get fuller and fuller, until it became painful. He started pumping and grinding my ass, letting the air out and pumping it up again. This felt weird, I don't know if it will be nice when I'm used to it. I was still crying from my punishment, so having my ass pumped hard felt like my insides were getting punished now. He pushed the dildo into my pussy then, pumping it harder and bigger until I cried out, I felt like I was being ripped apart. Holding the dildo just inside me, he took the biggest dildo we have and pushed it into my ass, turning the vibrator on, then pumped the other one up, I've never felt so full, painfully full. And this feeling of the dildo being pumped up then having the air released was just strange. After a while, Master released the black dildo, but put the bigger dildo up my pussy instead. Holding it deep inside, the vibrator tingling my insides but I was still too upset to enjoy any of it.
I then felt something very big getting pushed up my ass, it felt huge. I cried out and tried moving away but with one hand free he held my hip.
"This is your new plug." He told me as I cried out some more. My sphincter protested a lot as Master pushed it slowly past the ring of muscle, "OOWWWWWWW." I screeched as I felt it slide past and delve deeper into my bum. When it finally reached the correct position, Master giggled it about a bit, ensuring I thoroughly felt it. Then he pushed the dildo in. "OOOWWWWWW," I said as the dildo went as far as it could go, the pain was just too much. I collapsed onto the bed, crying again as Master ground into my pussy.
"Are you not enjoying your rough play today Serf ? You like it rough don't you ?" He said as I managed to whisper yes.
But this wasn't a nice rough play session, not today. I felt too emotional, too guilty and just too sore to think about anything else.
He scraped his nails over my cheeks, making me jump and flinch, the dildo and plug still inside me. The he bit my cheek, just once, over my sore spot. I nearly jumped through the roof, and heard him chuckling, Then the plug popped out and I felt the dildo move out a bit too.
"Have you just pushed your plug out ?" G asked, he was no longer Master at this point, but I shook my head, slowly he slipped the dildo out and I felt a rush of relief. He rubbed the head over my clit, rolling it from side to side, this felt nice and I felt myself start to relax now. G slipped his fingers inside my pussy, even though I was still crying a bit, I was obviously turned on by the amount of wetness that glistened over my pussy. Pounding my pussy with his fingers felt so much nicer, yet I couldn;t bring myself to come. I think I was physically drained, exhausted.
G stopped then, I think he knew I had enough. "Right come on, I think your Master deserves some attention now."
He unfastened his jeans, pulled them and his boxer shorts down to his ankles, his hard cock stood to attention.
I knew his balls must be full as I hadn't given him a blowjob for a couple of days.
I lovingly licked his cock, nibbled his head and shaft, then lowered my mouth down letting his cock touch the back of my throat. Leaving it there as I knew G loved being so deep, I sucked and played around with my tongue. I heard him groan, deeper and deeper, he sighed and fisted my hair, keeping my head there. G started thrusting his cock deeper down my throat, I occasionally managed to push his cock to the side of my mouth, only for a second, enough to get my breath back, before I slipped his cock into my mouth and down to my throat once more.
"I'm ready Serf, get ready for my cum, let it squirt down your throat." G muttered. "Ready Serf, I'm cumming."
Suddenly his cum exploded down my throat, making me gag and heave but I stayed where I was, swallowing when I could so I didn't loose any of his gift. I knew he would be cross with me if that happened.
Slowly G stopped thrusting and let out a big sigh, I cleaned up his cock to ensure he was clean once more, Then carefully I stood up and Kissed G, my Master whom I love so much.
It was then I took a look at my bum, I never took photos as I wouldn't be able to upload them, but there was still a lot of blood dried up over my legs. I smiled then, Yes I deserved that spanking and I needed it too.
Hopefully now I will be Master's good little Serf once more.
I cleaned up the dildos, tidied everything away and went for a much needed shower.
So that was my night last night, it's taken me most of the day to write this out, but I like to tell my story truthfully.

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After doing the sketch yesterday, Master sent me a message whilst he was on the train.
The sketch is not factual. He said. You don't wear high heels and you were not wearing stockings.
I told him, the majority of the sketch was factual.
Well, it's not, it's 80% factual. He replied.
Oh for fluffs sake, it's mostly true so 98% if you're being picky. I said back to him.
Stop arguing, if I say it's not factual, it's not. If you wore flat slipper pumps and bare legs it would be factual. I knew he was getting pissed off.
Oh my God, whatever. I said. I think it is.
I think you need to learn your place, you need another reminder." He told me, I shut up then.
I then asked if there was anything he would like me to do today.
Yes, be good, no arguing and complete your chores, ticking them off, so I know you've done them. He said.

The day went okay, then just as I was thinking of going to bed for a snooze G messaged to say he was on his way home, so I couldn't go to bed as I would be picking him up in half an hour.
He spent the afternoon washing his car, I wrote more of my novel, then E messaged for a lift home. So G went to pick him up. I ordered a takeaway, E said he would get something himself, by the time they came home, the takeaway was delivered. So we sat and ate dinner.
E had only been home 15 minutes when we heard the hairdryer going, usually an indicator he was going out to see his "special friend", he insists she's not his girlfriend, some may say she's his friend with benefits, his fuck buddy.
G said, "As it seems E is going out, you can get a spanking for your arguing today, I'm fed up of it. Why you change when you don't have your daily spanking I don't know. You can enjoy one of your piss pops first." He smirked, I glared.

The piss pops was a new idea of his, added to punishments. He pee'd into ice pop moulds, adding a little orange squash then froze them. These moulds I bought for ice pops for my pussy or ass, as they were a good dildo shape, I had thrown the lid with the handles away, so G used plastic knives as the handle. I suppose I will buy some other ice pop moulds for piss pops now.

Anyway, 5 minutes later E walks downstairs, clothes changed, hair perfectly styled with the lush smell of his aftershave. I know I'm biased, but he really is one good looking fella, very broad shoulders like his Dad, very strong but carrying a few extra pounds, a factor from our genes in both sides of the family, he's average height but huge feet, size 13, he has never really struggled with acne but he does spend nearly an hour in the shower, twice a day.

Off he went on his bike, and G stood up to get the piss pop. He wrapped the plastic knife handle with kitchen roll and handed it to me, plus giving me a bowl to catch the drips, sitting down he waited until I started the eat my pop. I continued to write my novel, avoiding the popsicle until G told me to put my chrome book down and eat it. I started licking it and it seemed very salty, so I used the side of my tongue to lick it, G was getting frustrated telling me to eat it properly. I continued my side licking.
"Right throw it out, you're putting no effort in eating it." G said getting cross with me.
"I'm eating it, what do you want me to do, put the whole thing in my mouth and eat it." I aid.
"Yes, like you would if it was a Magnum ice lolly." He told me.
Feeling guilty, I shoved the thing in my mouth and started sucking it, licking it, crunching bits off and eating them. I got half way through when G said, "Now you can throw it out, as you've made the effort to eat it."
"Thank you." I said. "You can go upstairs and have your spanking now. Come on." He ordered.

Once in the bedroom, Master told me to take my skirt off and get on the bed, I grabbed the cushion and put my head down on the pillow, the cushion was under my chest, but I use that to grab hold off during the spanking. Bottom high up, legs open a little. I heard G in the toy drawer but had no idea what he was picking. Until..........
THWACK, I screamed in my pillow, starting to stand up.
"GET DOWN NOW, DO AS YOU'RE TOLD." Master ordered.
Another THWACK, the pain, the internal bruising I felt already told me he was using his favourite CPS.
And I don't think he's ever hit so hard as he did then.
I screamed into the pillow again, "Would you like your gag, so you can bite down on that." He asked.
Trying to speak, I nodded. "Yes please Master.
I sat up whilst Master found it and tied it tightly around my head.
"Right back down, do you want your legs in the harness or will you stay still ?" Master asked.
I shook my head, unable to form proper words. I got back in position.
Master started over again, hard whacks, taking my breath away, but screamed still into my gag and pillow.
He was not happy with my behaviour and expected a change or this will happen daily.
After 5 swats, I sat up a little to get my breath back, Master allowed this, as long as I went back into position quickly. Another 5 swats, tears were falling, snot and slobber over the pillow, a quick rest then back again.
Over and over this happened, continuing his lecture on behaving. I tried to answer his questions with the gag in my mouth, this was hard to focus on words to say when I was crying hysterically.
He put the CPS down and thought yes, it's over. But no.
The high impact cane came out and he wasn't going softly today. He was determined to make his point across.
The cane struck my backside over and over, I cried into the pillow and felt my bum was moving away from him, he grabbed my hips and told me to stay in position, he didn't want to strike my tattoo and it would be my fault if he did that as I was moving. So I focused on staying still.
The cane went up and down, strike after strike, he ensured my sit spot was covered too.

"Am I getting my point across, Serf. You do as I tell you, not just what you want." He stated, I nodded in my pillow.
Dropping the cane he took the CPS again.
The following strikes were the worst I've ever felt. It felt like the skin was being torn off my bum, and internally I felt so bruised, I think that actually felt the worst. By now I could feel something dripping down my legs, I knew it was blood, I could feel sprays of something falling onto my legs so I wasn't surprised the whacks have opened up the 2 spots that always bleed. I was hysterical now, crying, trying to breath,I knew slobber was drooling off the gag, I was in a terrible state. Master stopped, dropping the CPS. He watched me for a minute or two, then said "Come here and have a hug."
But I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything other than cry. A few minutes later he called me over again. And I managed to crawl on the bed and fell into his arms. Where I continued to cry hysterically.
"You know why I had to do this don't you, you know you need this too. I don't like punishing you, but you push your luck sometimes. I love you and I just want you to be the best you can be." I nodded into his shoulder at every question but found after each nod, made me feel so guilty which made me cry even more. But Master stayed hugging me until I had calmed down.

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1.20000 cell phone cameras.nobody got a single photo or clip of any dead bodys.nore any footage ......something real bloody special. Exsplosions have smoke but no sprinkler system went off nobody was wet.not even a firer firer alarm sound plenty of smoke &no sprinklers water nodead bodys on film people all over the world you can check youtube film post grousum shit.just not at that incedent i find these things very suspiciouse

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Why are some Dom's so confusing? I'm starting to feel very used.

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HELP! I need some way to stop biting my nails. Daddy always gets mad at me when I bite them. I don't know why he's making such a big deal about it :( But I love him sooooooooooo much so I'm gonna try and stop....even if it's hard!

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I have finally accepted the over 400 friend requests that I have received. Thank you all for your patience. I would love to spank all of the individuals that I have accepted. Hit me up when you are ready. I am so due for someone to spank, @ All of my number one Michaels.

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I am bored I actually miss school.

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